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What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

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Forgot the pressing issues of the day, let's discuss breakfast cereals. As a young man - with fuck all money and little to no cooking inspiration - I consider it a dietary staple. I'm not one of those guys that binge on it for the sugar, my favorite cereal is All-Bran.

What's yours?

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I fucking love cereal.

I usually eat shredded wheat mixed with Wheaties, Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch and 2% milk.

Sometimes I will eat oatmeal, other times I'll eat Cookie Crisp or Lucky Charms if I'm feeling unhealthy.

In all seriousness, a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios has about as much sugar as Lucky Charms. Granola can have even more.

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I love porridge in winter (made with milk, not water and lots of maple syrup on top) and in summer if I have time I make Bircher muesli, but since I often don't have time I'll eat toasted muesli with cold milk and if there are some strawberries in the fridge I plonk a few on top. Yum. :)

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I do not eat cereal. Sans porridge, it is all a big con formed by American conglomerates to deprive our strapping young men of our bacon, egg and two rashers. You know what they used to serve for Breakfast before the Victorians? Beer. You would start your day with a tankard of ale, bread and cheese. Then the Victorians arrived with their temperance and priggishness and put an end to this wonderful custom. Drinking beer at seven in the morning: ahh, reminds me of the 2002 World Cup!

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