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Fan made São Paulo blu ray

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One thing I noticed is Axl kinda botches the scream on LALD and after the scream he sits there and looks a little pissed off about it haha this has some great footage though I hope to see all of it.


Website has great photos of every concert on this tour.

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There was a guy who filmed the Saõ Paulo show in 2010, and it was very cool. Is this the same guy who glued together this? And can I download the torrent of this show down somewhere?

There were two recordings of this show: one from the GA floor and other from the screen. I recorded the one from the screen. But this particular 2014 show was recorded by somebody different, Davi from Guns N' Roses Brasil.

He recorded the concerts in Rio, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Santa Catarina and Fortaleza. Amazing job, by the way! :headbang:

As far as where/how/when you can download the blu-rays...I don't know. But you can download the shows in .MKV format (1080p, lossless). São Paulo is already up with quite a few seeders on this link: http://bit.ly/1fMvEMg

The Florianópolis show is already on torrent, but there's only two seeders at the moment (a friend of mine and myself), but our connections aren't good for uploads...it will take a good while until somebody finishes downloading. The Florianópolis torrent is here: http://www.4shared.com/file/pmbLXrLuce/Guns_N_Roses_-_Florianpolis_Br.html

PS: I tried to put the Florianópolis' torrent on the GNR Tracker, but I had to ask for permission to create the torrent there, so I asked for it but it's been almost 24h since I asked and I have no "uploader" status there yet. So I put it as a public torrent and it's safe to say the other ones will go this same path as well...

Not yet.

The taper will send it to me by mail, so I'll be able to put it on the tracker. Stay tuned! ;)

Hey, I didn't see you there! haha

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I've downloaded the first part of the Sao Paulo show. I did a quick overlook on the video and the quality is great but there are a lot of cuts between songs and missing solos. Not bothering downloading the second part

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