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Which GN'R song has the biggest discrepancy between live and studio version?

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Everything from Chinese Democracy besides SoD and This I Love

Then Sweet Child O' Mine, because Axl, no matter what shape hes in or what time of his life, can't sing that song well live

Paradise City is better live.

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Do CD songs even count? The 2001/2 versions of the songs barely resemble what ended up on the album.... Fuck, The Blues was rearranged for every tour!

With old songs though, I don't think Axl's was consistent on Jungle for most of the Illusions tour. He was amazing in the late 80s but changed how he approached that song in 1991, he wasn't even singing, it was pure scratchy rasp, and I love that voice but he overdid it sometimes. He did a similar thing with Sweet Child but even in the 80s he was inconsistent on that song. Not that he sounded bad on it, quite the opposite, but he kinda of dropped the clean style he recorded it with once touring really hit him.

As for songs as a whole, I think Nov Rain (1993 version especially) was probably one of the more obvious ones... and KOHD.

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Knockin' on Heaven's Door?

That's really the biggest one for me, especially with the newer line-ups. Blastingly generic 5 minute cover on the album. Smooth 10 minute groove cover with audience sing-along live.

I like the newer version far more.

Probably far from the best performance, and I don't even like the show that much, but the RIR 2001 version has grown on me quite a lot -I even think it's my personal favorite now.
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