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Lana Del Rey - Guns N' Roses

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I think she's trying to tell us she had a one-night-stand with Axl.

Good on both of them.

She mentions Sweet Child o'Mine in her song Bel Air, on the Paradise Edition of Born to Die.

She's got a song about Axl somewhere too, so this is no real surprise.

Is Axl Lana del Rey's Stephanie Seymour?

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Guest Sleeping Like An Angel

I think she's brilliant and love how she makes loads of GN'R references. A real fan!

She's a great model and never strips off to get attention yet still looks hot. Very rare these days, love it!

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Now, if only she could have written that, and most of the other songs off that record by herself. I'm so tired of these "songwriters" who don't, you know, actually write things on their own. Dylan, Rose, Cobain, Mercury, Young, Vedder...none of them relied on studio owned, or professional song writers to mold, shape or create their sound. They were talented enough to sit down, with a guitar or piano, and compose entire works of art all by themselves which is the DEFINITION of "song writer.".

End of rant lol

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