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True Blood Season 7 Series Finale


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This might be a really dumb question to a really dumb show, but

if the one vampire was cured by her sister's blood, wouldn't the antedate be in the sister now? Couldn't they have figured out the cure from the cured vampire?

Since Eric offed her our of anger I guess that is out of the question :lol: But really, I think once she ingested some of the antidote it went straight into her blood stream thus forming with vampire blood. I don't think other vampires can drink other vampire blood.

Last episode wasn't too bad, I admit I liked seeing Sookie back with Bill, even though I knew it would be inevitable.

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downzy, that's exactly what I was thinking. Shouldn't Eric have bitten the cured sister and been cured himself?

Sometimes I wonder what the hell is going on on this show. I've watched it since the beginning, so 3 more shows to go.

I'm curious as to how it will all end. I never read the books, but I don't think the writers really follow the books anyway.

Sookie being a fairy is a waste of time. She had more powers when she didn't know what she was. Now all she does is moan and groan about shit instead of trying to take action.

The characters have lost all their will to live and enjoy being what they are. So sad.

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Here's hoping things pick up tonight seeing as there's only 2 more after this one.

I went digging yesterday and found a bunch of spoilers from a supposed extra on the show. Don't wanna spoil anything for anyone so I'll post these using tags. Could be horseshit, but it's at least interesting:

There are two ending for Eric, one where he dies, one were he lives and becomes a vampire celebrity

A major human character will be made a vampire before the end of the show

There's a flashback coming where you find out why Violet got to be so crazy.

Jason and Jessica live when they're saved by Hoyt who kills Violet

Bill ends up with Sookie, he somehow ends up human and she ends up no longer fae

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That whole storyline with Tara and her mother was so stupid. I think the writers are running out of stories to tell. Good thing the show is ending.

I knew Bill wouldn't take the cure because he wants Sookie to have a real life not one with a vampire. If Sookie wanted to be a vampire than Bill would want to be cured, but Sookie wants to stay as she is, whatever the hell that is? Still not sure what it is about being a fairie?

I'm glad Eric is cured. I like him and Pam.

2 more shows to go.

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Final episode next Sunday.

Bill refused to take the HepV virus cure. Says he doing it so Sookie can have a life.

Jessica and Hoyt found their way back to each other.

Eric gave up Sookie to save Pam. Eric finally screwed the bar tender. it was funny. They did it on Eric's throne.

Sam left to be with his baby mama.

I will be sad to see this show end. I got to like most of the characters.

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I thought the ending was very good. I did cry when Sookie had to kill Bill, but that had to happen.

Loved how they went forward 3 years. It was nice to see everyone happy and eating Thanksgiving dinner together and not having anyone killed or going crazy.

Pam and Eric back where they kind of began at the vampire club.

I loved how they kept that bitch in the cellar and let vampires feed on her for money. She deserved to suffer for all her life. She was terrible.

I'm sorry to see the show go. I did like it very much.

Loved how Jessica and Hoyt got married and Bill walked her down the aisle.

I thought it was a fitting ending to the show.

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Looking at it now, the finale was all it could have been given the season. Everything was fitting, and the end was damn near perfect (as it could've been, show was already bad). I would have liked to see Bill live and marry Sookie, though. But I guess the story was better for the majority by letting him die. Was happy to see Pam and Eric still partnering at the end with the antidote product. They were always my favorite two characters in the show.

I might go back and rewatch the first two seasons, it was like a different show back then. Eric with long hair = awesome.

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Watched the first two seasons of Dexter and moved on. Never got what everyone loved about that show. Felt the writing was flat and the acting (particularly Dexter's sister) was terrible. So I can't compare (though my fiancé who watched all of Dexter tells me how terrible the finale was).

All I know is that the last two seasons of True Blood were like being shit on. Season 5 was okay, much better than season 4. This show would have been much better had they abbreviated season 3, skipped season 4 entirely, ran with season 5, and combined seasons six and seven into 5 episodes.

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I hate that I know all of this, but here's my biggest problems with the last few episodes:

Ok. So Bill didn't want the cure right? Why, they asked. Bill's answer for an entire episode was literally "Because. Reasons". Then in the next episode he explained it 3 separate times, for NO REASON. He explained it to Jessica. He explained it to Eric while asking him to go get Sookie so he could explain it to her. Then he finally explained it to Sookie. So after he explained it to Sookie, she had to go off and explain it to everyone else. Jason, the pastor, Arlene. Everyone else. Isn't this the same group of people who keep ending up getting together to have these needless, "defiant" parties?? Why couldn't all of that wasted screen time have been avoided with ONE scene? Maybeif that would have happened, they could have put more screen time into developing an actual re-establishment of Hoyt & Jessica instead of just having us believe they all of a sudden want to get married after 2 days of knowing each other.

On top of that, Bill's reason was that Sookie not only had to kill him, but she had to do it with her light, right? That way she wouldn't be special and he, along with all the other vampires wouldn't be drawn to her and her life wouldn't be filled with pain. So then she kills him, but she doesn't do it with her light. Then they jump forward a bunch of times and we're led to believe that Sookie lived happily ever after. It's just all good in the hood then? Her light just stopped causing shit in here life and town?

Oh and one more thing: Why were Mr. Gus and his henchmen able to hold Eric and Pam hostage for so long if all Eric & Pam had to do was take them out oh so easily and move on?

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