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New Slash Interview : We all want to do it.

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want to do... what, squeeze even more $$$ from the casuals? way to go!

this is even more ridiculous than Bumblefoot's passive-aggressive stance during his last GNR years. at least we KNEW he felt uncomfortable and he was frustrated.

but at this, we don't know shit. well yeah, we know that the parasites around the band are extremely happy to extract their money off that.

communication towards the fanbase and anyone relevant - zero, about level 2005. 

I get it, the casuals supply an insane money for all of those, so they could bathe in cash every morning.

but DAMN why can't they communicate just as any other band?

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"Amazing" vocal performances from Axl. Slash may want to get his hearing checked before recording a new album, because if that's what he thought of Axl's Disneyworld GnR performance, then I just don't know... 

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