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Victoria's Secret is...

Axl's Agony Aunt

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… the topic for my latest poem, mixed with guilt for environmental conservation, but no guilt for admiring the beautiful women. What do you think?

Human Beauty Secret Guilty, Distraction from Njörðr Horror

slim female blondes
are my gods
in human form
sun of storm
shining light
worth the fight

to live on, our dying planet

watch it corrode
destruction code
waves carry waste
fishy bad taste
we kill life
plastic pollution knife


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Thanks for your responses. 

I searched VS on here before posting and the only previous mention was in a Woman's Group discussion about Stephanie Seymour. Had forgotten that link. Another thing Axl and me have in common!

I also recently found out Axl liked Moby's Animal Rights album, and messaged Moby to tell him he'd been listening to it while driving around at night; included in the latter's Porcelain memoir. There's also a discussion about it on this site, after I searched here after reading it. 

Surprising what you find out about people when you become their agony aunt!!


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So... the secret is poetry? I mean historically speaking, poetry WAS a method employed by some in order to discover the "secret." I'm not sure it IS the secret though. 

Although from my personal experience, poetry never seemed to produce any results. So either this theory about the "secret" being poetry is incorrect, or I'm just plain awful at poetry. To quote the Owl from the tootsie pop commercial "The world may never know."

I kid of course. 😁

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