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The Dead Don't Die


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1 hour ago, F*ck Fear said:

I'm in the minority here. I wasn't a fan of 'Shaun Of The Dead' and this will probably be no different.

Not a fan of comedy zombie films.

I'm looking forward to it but this did occur to me too, that its sort of a done thing...but being as how its Jim Jarmusch I'll give it a go, I've seen everything he's made and I think he's brilliant.  I actually sort of drifted out of my interest in recent years when he made that vampirey film cuz...well, its sort of not what I expected from him and there was sort of a few vampirey films knocking about at the time, struck me as a bit Abel Ferrara-ish, y'know, one cult director does a vampire film so then another does too but when I did watch it it was really good so I'm gonna have a little faith in my man this time around.

I really do think he is one of the greatest directors of our times, if one of the hallmarks of as class director is (and I believe it is) that they create their own unique world with their work then Jarmusch handsomely fits the bill.  He has an incredible facility with the camera, he can make the mundane seem poetic and profound. 

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