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Are the 2022 illusion vinyl remasters better sounding than the original vinyls?

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I bought the CDs in 1991 and wish I bought the records, and held off on reissues because I figured they would get a deluxe redo eventually.  I've had to buy new CDs over the years, and have downloaded the MP3s various times. While I don't listen to the new 2022 records often because they're too difficult to get out of the package with my recent shoulder injury (which coincidentally happened right around the time i got the records and tried to open them, lol!), I really like how they sound. There seems to be a lot more background vocal prominence and other guitar and piano sounds that I didn't hear before, and they're just remastered, not even remixed....save for November Rain.

There is a bunch of static in the first few songs of each side heard on each revolution and i don't know the best way to clean that up without making a mistake, because I make those all the time.

I'm gonna listen to them now

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