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  1. There is just no way you can defend this guy while being honest with yourself.
  2. "Any negative polls are fake news." Wow. One of the things you'd hear Trump supporters saying during the election is that Trump is a "regular dude", yknow, "someone you'd like to grab a beer with". But if you have been following how he has behaved since becoming president, and you are honest with yourself (very important), it's clear that what we have here is a pathetically insecure and immature man. He is not someone that any reasonable person would want to "grab a beer with" at all. Each day he says or does something assholish or immature. I mean, I suppose this is the same way he acted during his candidacy, but I hold the president to a higher standard of social decency than I do a presidential candidate. The assumption (and argument from Trump's supporters) was always that if Trump were to win the presidency, he would tone it down and act more statesman like. It's clear that this assumption was wrong.
  3. The point is that typically, administrations consult with multiple government agencies and lawyers for weeks to discuss the legality and implementation of potential executive orders before actually signing them. The knee-jerk fashion in which Trump is signing these orders is not normal and for good reason. The shitshow that ensued after the immigration ban is an example of why past presidents didnt sign executive orders like this. I expect the conflict between Trump's desire for instant action and the slow processes of government to be a recurring theme over the next 4 years.
  4. So what Buzzfeed published were the same reports that have been going around government circles? And the same reports that CNN and the New York Times saw? And all the information came from the same source? If so, whether the source was 4chan or not, why were these reports not thrown in the trash the moment they were seen? Taken all together, it's clearly bullshit. I feel like I'm missing something.
  5. The majority of people, conservatives and liberals alike, are in agreement regarding what proper gun control looks like (stricter background checks, closing the gun show loophole, restricting people on terrorist watchlists from purchasing guns). Unfortunately however, the NRA has strong lobbying power within the GOP, not just financially but also through its' member's votes- a significant portion of NRA members are single issue voters with gun control, meaning that they will always vote for the candidate with the better NRA grade (as they literally give out a grade to candidates based on their gun control stance). This is what results in Republican politicans and the NRA claiming that Democrats (especially Obama, lol) are "coming for your guns", despite the fact that none of them have ever said anything remotely reminiscent of taking everyones' guns away. They have to please the NRA and its members. The supposed partisan division in the public is mostly made up by GOP politicians. Democratic candidates bringing gun control into discussion after every single mass shooting doesn't help either - it just helps to fuel the myth that Democrats actually are coming to take everyone's guns away.
  6. Another thing to those worrying if they miss the official GA release - a week before the show, the prices for GA tickets on craigslist/stubhub usually fall to not much higher than the official price. Worst case scenario you pay 275, maybe 280 instead of the official 250.
  7. The whole slam poetry thing that Duff is trying to pull off with the way he does the readings is just too cheesy for me, I cannot sit through it.
  8. This documentary is really cringey to me.
  9. The maneuver with Carrier was really smart as far as PR goes, but it ultimately only amounts to symbolism. Trump is not about to embark on a heroic tour around the U.S striking "deals" (AKA throwing tax incentives at every business that claims it's taking jobs overseas) with factories. @downzy I read that 1000 of 1400 Carrier jobs are staying in Indiana. This doesnt really matter as far as your or my thoughts of the situation go but I'm just curious where you got your numbers.
  10. http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/22/politics/donald-trump-climate-change-new-york-times/ Trump's changed his mind- whereas he previously said that climate change is a hoax, he now says that he "thinks there is some connectivity" between human activity and climate change. While I'm glad that he has moved away from calling it a hoax, it still gets me that he uses the phrase "I think" - there is nothing for you to fucking think through, this has been agreed upon by over 97% of scientists who went to university for years and have devoted their lives' work to science. The amount of arrogance it takes for someone with no scientific background whatsoever to doubt the entire scientific community and the research they've done is outstanding. Somewhere down the line, a segment of conservatives started to push the narrative that science is a liberal conspiracy. It's maddening.
  11. I know, I'm not sure if I wasn't clear with what I was saying. I was pointing out that he receives such harsh judgment over his immigration policy not because of liberal hypocrisy but because of the context surrounding it - the controversial comments made about immigrants during his campaign, the way he ignited people's xenophobia, the wall which seems logistically silly in many ways, etc. Despite the fact that, as you started to point out, what he's suggesting now is not very radical and is relatively not much harsher than Obama's handling of immigrants. Not to mention, Trump's tone on immigration during his campaign was much more aggressive than his tone now.
  12. HYT Introduces Wristwatch Designed By Axl Rose of Guns 'n' Roses That Tells Time Using Liquid http://www.forbes.com/sites/elizabethdoerr/2016/11/18/hyt-introduces-wristwatch-designed-by-axl-rose-of-guns-n-roses-that-tells-time-using-liquid/#2743e5de110f “We went backstage the last time AC/DC played in Bern, Switzerland,” Perriard said of the singer via press release, who has also been touring with the Australian band as a replacement for Brian Johnson. “He already knew the brand and its innovative, rock ‘n’ roll spirit. He wasted no time in conceiving his own model, whose spirit was very well defined when we discussed it with him. We have created it for him. This is his watch, exactly as he designed it. We are particularly proud of it.” Rose has already been wearing the watch on stage.
  13. I agree that there is a point to be made about how Obama's deportation numbers have been completely ignored by many liberals (and also ignored by many conservatives who believe the narrative that Obama is doing absolutely nothing about illegal immigrants), but you have to consider context here. Their deportation policies don't exist in a vacuum. If Trump merely said that he planned to deport more criminal immigrants, without making xenophobic comments to divide the country and playing on peoples' fears throughout his entire campaign, then people would probably not judge his entire stance on immigration so in the way that they do.
  14. @Axl owns dexter I was in the middle of responding but then @classicrawker did. Liberals aren't pulling these accusations out of thin air. They are accusing people with racist backgrounds (Bannon for running Breitbart, Sessions due to the things listed in the article that Classicrawker posted, which would be corroborated by further research) of being racists. People being accused of racism for having behaved like racists is not a liberal conspiracy, man. There are plenty of other Trump appointees that have not been accused of being racists.
  15. They have so far refused to release the report detailing their statistics and measurement mechanisms to journalists, claiming they want the public to see it at the same time that the media does. We'll see if the report confirms the allegations, assuming it is released.