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  1. It wouldn't be worth the trouble in today's cultural landscape which is so focused on social issues and racial politics. Not that that's necessarily a good or bad thing, but it'd just come off as some old whiterock band being racist. Plus, in the voice that Axl usesat GNR shows, I don't think it'd sound very good. There's other songs I'd rather hear first.
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Believe me, it will absolutely never be a bad thing to be a white manin America. You have nothing to worry about there.
  3. I think those painful screaming parts sound badass.
  4. Rasp is Axl's alter ego!!

    The chair theory is disproven by the fact that he still had no rasp for half of the time he was performing for GNR sitting down.
  5. Axl's 2016 voice

    What about all the other Guns shows where he's been sitting but still sounded bad? I think thishas more to do with Axl being a lazy asshole who puts less effort into his own band than he does when performing in another band.
  6. I don't readily consider anything that DJ says to be true.
  7. Rehearsal at Venue in Lisbon Video

    I thought he sounded alright until hearing these ACDC rehearsals. They make his reunion performances sound a lot worse. The effort is just not there. The Mickey is there instead for about half of the time.
  8. New red hot Chili peppers single

    John Frusciante is one of the most talented artists in popular music. He's one of those figures that just embodies music, like he was born with it. From guitar to piano to singing (background and lead)to songwriting, he was just excellent at all of it, I don't know if people really appreciate what he's able to do. Here's a great song from the "fucked up" era you guys are discussing, the anguish is so tangible in the music, I've almost never heard anything like it:
  9. Rehearsal at Venue in Lisbon Video

    He sounds so good that it's offensive as a GNR fan. How does he sound so shitty at GNR shows and then pulls these incredible ACDC performances out of his ass?
  10. New red hot Chili peppers single

    Josh and Flea are doing some great stuff on this song.
  11. New red hot Chili peppers single

    Very excited for this. Loved IWY but hope they can take it a notch further and match the Frusciante albums.
  12. Axl - Thunderstruck Full Rehearsal

    Watch: Axl is going to sing better than he has in the last 20 years, giving every show his all, and then come back to GNR and half ass it.
  13. Anyone wish we'd get a Guitar Hero GN'R?

    There were rumors about a GNR Rock Band game some years back.
  14. The Elder Scrolls VI

    Yeah, I was surprised to find out that it came out in 2011.
  15. The Elder Scrolls VI

    Oblivion and Skyrim were 5 years apart, so considering we're now5 years after Skyrim, it's not farfetched to think it'll be revealed at E3.