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  1. Axl's deep note on this song is crazy.
  2. This has been the worst E3 that I can recall. Nintendo did well though.
  3. I don't see this being a success. Microsoft is trying to get people to buy the same console for a third time just because it's more powerful? For starters, the majority of console gamers don't give a shit about teraflops. Why didn't they just put this tech towards the next Xbox console? Why did they even bother releasing a Slim if they were coming through with this? Why does Microsoft think that many people want to buy the Xbox One for a THIRD time? I don't feel respected as a consumer at all. Can we be sure that the Xbox Two (or whatever) is going to be as powerful as the XBX? They're needlessly setting a high bar for themselves. The only reason I'm even slightly tempted to buy it is because the regular Xbox One is such a pathetic console, with 1 in 4 games having frame rate issues and a user interface that is slower than the Xbox 360's.
  4. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/06/08/john-mccain-comey-hearing-baseball-239307?lo=ap_a1
  5. That was embarrassing to see. I didn't catch the end of McCains's questioning, did he ever clear himself up?
  6. Holy shit McCain. He has no clue what's going on.
  7. Comey's hyper careful word choice and reluctance to give information that he is not 110% sure of reminds me of Axl giving interviews. It makes a lot more sense for the former FBI Director to have those traits than for a hard rock singer to have them, though.
  8. Surprised the media didn't make a bigger deal out of Trump congratulating Duterte on his murderous war against drugs. Or maybe they did but I missed it. Do you think Trump is simply unaware of what is going on in the Philippines under Duterte or is he just that shameless in his flattery of other world leaders?
  9. Simply saying it's not fair to argue right now that foreign policy is a "strength" of Trump's doesn't mean I'm unable to criticize him in a non partisan manner. It's just truly too early to say such a thing. I agreed with his move on Syria and it is true that he has behaved graciously on his trips abroad. These two things would never lead me to say that foreign policy is certainly a strength of his. Many would argue that his foreign policy is a weakness of his because it lacks coherence and clarity, which is crucial for U.S allies, who so far are very uncertain about what they can expect from the U.S in regards to various issues (a common problem with U.S. foreign policy, just exacerbated during the early stages of Trump's presidency since he has not yet made clear his ideas on foreign policy). It's just not clear right now. I hope it does turn out to be a strength of his. What other good things do you believe Trump has done that are being unfairly criticised by liberals? Just curious.
  10. I don't think it's fair at this point to say foreign policy is a "strength" of Trump's because he was able to meet with other nations' leaders and not behave like a clown. What were you expecting? It's impossible to gauge whether world leaders and government officials "like" Trump or not because there is a lot of benefit in showing some level of deference to the President of the United States, it's somewhat of an obligation in the early stages of a new presidency.
  11. Mhm - and the ones that reported that Kanye West was kidnapped by the government and forced into rehab for speaking positively of Trump.
  12. This is kindof empty without a look into each article rated as positive or negative. If Trump says or does something absolutely fucking stupid, as he often does, then I would expect the coverage to be negative in tone.
  13. What's funny is that, if I had to bet, Trump most likely didn't collude with Russia. He's just so outrageously insecure about the media's coverage of him and angry that they won't stop bringing up the Russia story that he is trying to silence it on every front. And it's those attempts at silencing that have not only made him appear to be more suspicious but have also brought him close to impeachment territory.
  14. The semantics really are important here. The precise legal definition of obstruction of justice is "Whoever corruptly . . . obstructs, influences, or impedes any official proceeding, or attempts to do so." The word "corruptly" is very significant. Cases regarding obstruction of justice are tricky and have a lot to do with intent and context. I may have been overstating it when I claimed that this was the "consensus" among lawyers, but it is very far from being black and white. It sure would be ironic if inability to prove intent was what cleared Trump, considering that's how Hillary got off as well.
  15. The consensus amongst lawyers approached to comment on the issue seems to be that Trumps actions border on obstruction of justice but don't exactly meet the mark. The exact comments Trump made to Comey have to be known first. Typically in cases regarding obstruction of judgement, there are things like coercion or threatening occurring. If Trump only "lightly" told Comey something like "Hey, you should lay off the guy", then there most likely wouldn't be much of a case.