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  1. There is a theory that a second album is releasing on Sunday - http://www.hiphopdx.com/news/id.43069/title.could-kendrick-lamar-be-dropping-a-2nd-album-on-easter
  2. Gonna have to sit on this album, didn't stand out to me like GKMC and TPAB did. Favorite songs were DNA and XXX.
  3. It'll be interesting to see if Breitbart still acts as a Trump propaganda arm if Bannon gets removed.
  4. Is there any credible reason to believe that chemical weapons were not used?
  5. Red lines have to mean something in order for there to be any world order. It doesn't seem so in the moment, but bombing the Syrian government target is mutually beneficial- good for the people of Syria as it (hopefully) deters Assad from using chemical weapons and good for the United States in that it strengthens international security (and therefore national security as well) by reminding the various belligerent governments of the world that there are international norms and laws and that there are punishments for breaking them. Trump had to make the call to launch missiles on Syria. All of the WW3 comments and worries that he is going to be hawkish for the rest of his presidency are out of place.
  6. What exactly would it mean for Obamacare to "explode" and will it happen?
  7. There is just no way you can defend this guy while being honest with yourself.
  8. "Any negative polls are fake news." Wow. One of the things you'd hear Trump supporters saying during the election is that Trump is a "regular dude", yknow, "someone you'd like to grab a beer with". But if you have been following how he has behaved since becoming president, and you are honest with yourself (very important), it's clear that what we have here is a pathetically insecure and immature man. He is not someone that any reasonable person would want to "grab a beer with" at all. Each day he says or does something assholish or immature. I mean, I suppose this is the same way he acted during his candidacy, but I hold the president to a higher standard of social decency than I do a presidential candidate. The assumption (and argument from Trump's supporters) was always that if Trump were to win the presidency, he would tone it down and act more statesman like. It's clear that this assumption was wrong.
  9. The point is that typically, administrations consult with multiple government agencies and lawyers for weeks to discuss the legality and implementation of potential executive orders before actually signing them. The knee-jerk fashion in which Trump is signing these orders is not normal and for good reason. The shitshow that ensued after the immigration ban is an example of why past presidents didnt sign executive orders like this. I expect the conflict between Trump's desire for instant action and the slow processes of government to be a recurring theme over the next 4 years.
  10. So what Buzzfeed published were the same reports that have been going around government circles? And the same reports that CNN and the New York Times saw? And all the information came from the same source? If so, whether the source was 4chan or not, why were these reports not thrown in the trash the moment they were seen? Taken all together, it's clearly bullshit. I feel like I'm missing something.
  11. The majority of people, conservatives and liberals alike, are in agreement regarding what proper gun control looks like (stricter background checks, closing the gun show loophole, restricting people on terrorist watchlists from purchasing guns). Unfortunately however, the NRA has strong lobbying power within the GOP, not just financially but also through its' member's votes- a significant portion of NRA members are single issue voters with gun control, meaning that they will always vote for the candidate with the better NRA grade (as they literally give out a grade to candidates based on their gun control stance). This is what results in Republican politicans and the NRA claiming that Democrats (especially Obama, lol) are "coming for your guns", despite the fact that none of them have ever said anything remotely reminiscent of taking everyones' guns away. They have to please the NRA and its members. The supposed partisan division in the public is mostly made up by GOP politicians. Democratic candidates bringing gun control into discussion after every single mass shooting doesn't help either - it just helps to fuel the myth that Democrats actually are coming to take everyone's guns away.
  12. Another thing to those worrying if they miss the official GA release - a week before the show, the prices for GA tickets on craigslist/stubhub usually fall to not much higher than the official price. Worst case scenario you pay 275, maybe 280 instead of the official 250.
  13. The whole slam poetry thing that Duff is trying to pull off with the way he does the readings is just too cheesy for me, I cannot sit through it.
  14. This documentary is really cringey to me.
  15. The maneuver with Carrier was really smart as far as PR goes, but it ultimately only amounts to symbolism. Trump is not about to embark on a heroic tour around the U.S striking "deals" (AKA throwing tax incentives at every business that claims it's taking jobs overseas) with factories. @downzy I read that 1000 of 1400 Carrier jobs are staying in Indiana. This doesnt really matter as far as your or my thoughts of the situation go but I'm just curious where you got your numbers.