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Jakey Styley

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  1. Kanye West Thread

    This sounds so fucking cool. I just finished it. I can't wait to explore this further.   when the Desiigner chorus first drops on FSMH part 2 
  2. Kanye West Thread

    He sounds like he's having so much fun in this album.
  3. Kanye West Thread

    Ultra Light Beam is fucking beautiful.
  4. Kanye West Thread

    It's not on yet anyway, hahaha.   Very excitedly waiting though! The hype is back.
  5. Kanye West Thread

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CbBqx_0UYAAdF0a.jpg:large   Album coming out today with 17 tracks.
  6. Kanye West Thread

  7. Kanye West Thread

    Honestly, this album rollout is fucking stupid. There is nothing cool, glamorous, or artistic about this. When the fuck can I download it? I don't want my first listening experience to be that live trash.
  8. Kanye West Thread

    There's a live rip, I started listening and determined it's not worth it. I'm waiting for the download.
  9. Kanye West Thread

    SO EXCITED   Might actually go to one of the theater unveilings tomorrow.
  10. Kanye West Thread

    KANYE WEST ‏@kanyewest  3m3 minutes ago BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!     sigh...
  11. Can I no longer hide the Twitter feed?

    1. downzy
    2. Jakey Styley

      Jakey Styley

      Old MyGNR is better than the new one

    3. downzy


      Damn, that was going to be our surprise new slogan for the next t-shirt.

  12. Kanye West Thread

    It would've been cooler if he totally owned it.
  13. Kanye West Thread

    It's 2016, the age of ass play is upon us. No shame
  14. Kanye West Thread

    it actually means Khalifa Kush, lol, wiz is a fucking cornball. There's no way anyone besides wiz's retarded fanbase would know that, literally no one calls weed KK. ----