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  1. I hate to say it but this is probably what will happen. oh well. As long as Axl tours again with ac/dc and does a record with them, then im fine. Glad I got to see Axl, slash, and duff together at least once. if there's still more money to be made though and they continue to get along well, I can see them still touring together as gnr in 2018. Maybe do all festivals in Europe next time.
  2. So they replaced the young dudes that they found to be too "risky" or whatever with an old friend and seasoned vet who has experience working on big projects with lots of pressure...makes sense to me!
  3. Han Solo directors got fired in the middle of filming:
  4. For me it was Jungle. I was 9 years old. As soon as I heard the opening riff, I knew I was in for something special.
  5. With the fact that GNR was getting so excessive at the time, it kinda made sense to do two albums at once. songs like bad apples and get in the ring can still fuck off, though.
  6. I just like the overall mood and songs better. On that disc it feels like the band is trying to grow, whereas on the first disc it feels like they're just trying to do AFD again (probably why like half of that disc is just AFD leftovers). there are some songs on th first disc that I love though (like Coma) and some songs on the second disc that I absolutely hate (like Get In The Ring).
  7. UYI 2
  8. Good idea!
  9. Yeah I get what u mean. One of the reasons why I have trouble finishing a draft though is cause I can never make up my mind on what I wanna do. One moment im like "I wanna write fantasy" and then several weeks into it im like "never mind, I wanna write sci-fi." i guess I should just keep going until I find the setting/genre that I enjoy writing enough to the point where I have the will power to finish a draft.
  10. I read something interesting the other day that fantasy novels have had a bit of an uptick in popularity recently amongst young adult readers...I almost feel like changing my project to something other than fantasy now, to kinda go against the trends and do more of my own thing instead. having watched alien and aliens both for the first time recently, I've been having a bit of a sci-fi kick. So I might try that (morals and themes and characters will still be the same though). has anyone noticed this supposed "uptick" in fantasy recently? Does anyone think sci-fi novels will ever make a similar comeback someday?
  11. That's a good point. The original Alien doesn't have that sorta problem because it's simplicity and self-contained feel make it pretty much timeless. It can't age. The only dated thing about the first one is the interface screen of the Mother computer, but that's a pretty easy detail to look passed imo.
  12. Yeah LV-426 looks great in Aliens
  13. Upon re watching both Alien and Aliens, I do think I'm starting to like the first one now more than the second, but only by a hair!
  14. RIP