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  1. Oh yeah I forgot about the TSI? tracks. I like Since I Don't Have You, Down On the Farm, Ain't It Fun, and Look At Your Game Girl (though i like the original better, regardless of who it's written by).
  2. 1980s: Everything off LLAS except Mama Kin (Aerosmith version is way better), everything off AFD that isn't the big 3 (I love those three songs too but since they're very popular they don't really fit in this list), One in a Million (sans the offensive lyrics), Shadow of Your Love, Whole Lotta Rosie, Jumpin' Jack Flash (both versions), Heartbreak Hotel, and Too Much Too Soon. 1990s: Perfect Crime, You Ain't the First, Double Talkin' Jive, Dead Horse, Estranged (is this popular?...seriously, I don't know), Yesterdays (same question; do general audiences still remember this song?), Coma, Pretty Tied Up, Shotgun Blues, Breakdown, Locomotive (only the ending part), and....there's other songs from UYI that I like but I think they're all considered "popular" still. 2000s: Everything off CD (cause let's face it, none of it is popular).
  3. I really like Kylo's new look, especially.
  4. Bet Axl is glad to be done with these lawsuits now, regardless of the outcomes.
  5. One could even make the argument that the illusion records were shitty too just cause of how bloated they both were.
  6. Just found this Rey theory video that I thought was interesting:
  7. Oh right lol. I'm kinda surprised I forgot that!
  8. What's SPF?
  9. I feel like all the STarwars updates I share with you always disappoints you lol.
  10. VERY impressive for a home-recording. Good job!
  11. Who's the new distributor? The only recent bond news story I can find online is that five studios are currently bidding for the rights. Has the bidding war come to an end now?
  12. Guardians 2, pirates 5, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman are the summer movies im most pumped for.
  13. The head of Lucasfilm actually clarified that when the CEO of Disney said that the movie would be about "how Han got his name," he just meant his reputation, not his actual name.