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  1. If the stuff that leaked was what Axl planned to release, well, he was right. Thanks, Ezrin
  2. So... I haven't posted here for like 3-4 years now and I've really stopped listening to GnR for quite a while until I hear about the leaks so I rushed in here to get a general perspective of what you guys were discussing and to the people saying #fuckezrin and shit: If Axl had released all of these industrial experimental stuff and these god awful songs like State of Grace, Hardschool, Atlas Shrugged and Perhaps, he would have been eaten alive by critics, fans and the media. Ezrin was right. Most of these unreleased songs suck. Some are promising, like Zodiac 13, Dummy, and maybe Oklahoma, but man... the best unreleased song I've heard so far is fucking Going Down. That's how sad this is. Plus, although some of the over-layering on CD was over the top and unnecessary, the released songs are a million times better than these leaks. All of them. I'm still trying to process just how all of the Chinese Democracy (the song) leaks sound so bad. It is way better to release a single album of your best material than to release all you have in a bunch of weak releases, which would have been the case if this stuff saw the light of day. In the case of CD, Rhiad and Scraped could and should have been switched for something else out there but, oh well... just saying: these leaked albums would have flopped so hard it would have been even more humiliating. And the reason for that is well, most of this sucks. So thanks Ezrin.
  3. So... Buckethead has released his 11th Pikes album and it seems like this edition only comes as a limited edition signed CD-R for $25. Damn... With shipping plus taxes It'd cost me about $55 (R$ 110) to get it in Brazil. And it's fours songs. So pissed EDIT: He's doing this to all of them except for #13!