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  1. Maybe, but we don't know for sure. That vocal take could have been either the "original" or something from around 2006 (as this is clearly not 1999–2001 Axl), and there still was time to put it on the record prior to its release. I think the consensus is that this is from around 2006, but considering the song is said to have been created around 1993, what do we know, right? Still, shame. That godlike voice...
  2. I still don't understand why they replaced that Axl's raspy TIL demo voice by the one that ended up on the album.
  3. Easing the lockdown is one thing, allowing 30k people together is another. It ain't happening, folks, deal with it.
  4. I haven't read this in a while. It actually suggests Axl was a long-term lurker here!
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