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Official NYC SURPRISE GIG #2 - Feb 14 th 2010 - The Rose Bar


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Sweet. I can't believe all the haters that think Axl is neglecting his fans by doing a private show. Axl is into the fashion scene. Especially with his girlfriends. The venue pays, Guns N' Roses shows up. Nuff said. If you paid G N' R a cool million... They may play in your livingroom. Don't get your hopes up though. Trust in the band you love rock3

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Unbelievable HD WTTJ vid.

Damn what I'd give to be that close at that gig.

Great stuff! Can anyone shed some light on the apparent discrepancy between the set-list reported (first post in this thread) and the fact that in this video You're Crazy is the song started after Welcome to the Jungle?

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Hanging out with members of the Black Eyed Peas? Seems him n' Slash have some new mutual friends. "News" about new album will probably be blown out of all proportion (don't mean to be cynical, I'm anxious for new material as much as anybody). Awesome article, pretty positive, bit funny that the editorial forgot to include DJ Ashba's name (new tat sounds cool). Rock on Axl, shows the kids how it's done rock3

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