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Long time GN'R / Bumblefoot fan found dead :( give a moment of silence for her


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Bumblefoot allerted me to it:


Just informed that a long-time fan/friend was found dead, Angelique Andersen. Will miss you...

10 min ago


The ony information I see is that her father posted that she was found dead in her appartment by the police.

She was 27 years old.

RIP young fan :(

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Very sad news, spoke to her a few times via forum pms and chat , she was probably one of bumbles biggest fans (had the bumblefoot cd cover and guitar tattoo"d)

and quiet a happy person even though she had some bad things happen to her when she was younger that I won't go into

she could always escape to music and the net I suppose.

I hope she R.I.P she was a kind and happy go lucky chic

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Hope she went peacefully :(

Always sad to see someone I "know" go, especially so young. Reminds me how fragile we are and how we sometimes take things for granted ( not saying she did ! It's just that I didn't think I'd ever hear of her passing away ).

Be sure to cherish your loved ones extra hard every day. You never know how much time together you've got left.

RIP Dark Angel. :(

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