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2012 is The Year of Guns N' Roses


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Let's make a suicide pact. If we don't get a new songs by the end year we will kill ourselves.

Thanks for my first laugh of the day! lol

I'm hoping that Axl continues to write and record awesome songs with this new GNR.

I would love to see the original members at the induction for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, even if they don't want to perform together, at least show up.

I would love to see Axl continue to be happy and continue to include the US in his future touring plans.

It would be cool for the new gnr site to have updates at least weekly or even monthly and it would be cool if Axl would stay in contact with his fans through this site.

Most of all I wish Axl good health and happiness for the new year!

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From the quotes from Axl and Fortus there is a possibility of a new album next year. But at the same time based on old Axl quotes there was a possibility of CD coming out back in 2002 so I wouldn't assume that next year is going to be some sort of landmark year for this lineup until it actually happens

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Exactly what I was gonna say. I know, I know, here's Bobbo with his god damn negativity, but it's hard not looking at past events and what has happened when it comes to thinking of what's to come in 2012. Remember especially how everybody thought 2011 would be the year they'd make a huge comeback, and how everybody was so positive they would debut new material at Rio and this current tour?

Not saying it won't be, or that I don't want it to be. Just reminding everybody why it's never a great idea to hold your breath for too long for this band...I'm just gonna take it day by day and see what comes of it.

In all fairness though, nothing really ever pointed to anything happening this year, we just hyped ourselves into believing that. Now we've got Richard saying they're finishing up the new album next year, Axl saying 2012 is shaping up to be a busy year. Very different than this time a year ago when everything just sort of fizzled out after Abu Dhabi.

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The Year of Dragon is coming.

Yeah, the Year of the Dragon is going to be a good year! Bruce Lee was born in the year of the dragon and he was the man! Unfortunately, he didn't live long enough to enjoy his fame, but his name and his life still live on today!

Axl and GNR just had a very successful US tour. Hopefully, their success will continue through 2012 and for many years to come!

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What made you guys think that 2012 is gonna be a very promising year for G N' R? New management? G N' R had several managers in the past 10 years with only 1 positive result, the release of Chinese Democracy. New songs? Axl talked about this when he visited this board couple years ago and more recent DJ, Dizzy and Tommy talked about this but at this moment, even when the opportunity was there, nothing happened. New website? Is that even a reason? The only thing so far that's gonna happen for sure is the RNR Hall of Fame induction. What's gonna happen in the future of G N' R is a huge question mark till Axl (or Beta) shows up.

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