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Who is America's Greatest Rock Band

Carlos Castaneda

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After recently hearing Aerosmith bill itself as America's greatest rockband I began thinking about the rockbands that have come from America. For me personally, GNR is the best rockband to hail from the U.S. GNR is the only American band seen as the taking the mantle away from Zeppelin or The Stones. GNR could have been our generations Zeppelin or Stones who else has ever been compared to that? Maybe Metallica. So I am curious as to what other here believe. Who is America's greatest rock band and why? And, who is even in consideration? My canidates are : The CHili Peppers, Pearl Jam, STP, The Doors, Aerosmith, Metallica, and of course GNR.

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Probably Aerosmith, yes.

The only thing that comes to mind who might beat them here would be Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band (if you want to count this as a rock band).

Metallica and the Peppers deserve a mention as well.

After that probably bands like Van Halen, GnR...

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Highest Selling Artists Of All Time

1. Aerosmith - 150 M

2. Bon Jovi - 130 M

3. Bruce Springsteen - 120 M

4. Chicago - 122 M

5. Eagles - 120 M

6. Guns N’ Roses - 100 M

7. Metallica - 100 M

I stopped there my Metallica is in.

My top 4:

1. Guns N’ Roses

2. Metallica

3. Bon Jovi

4. Aerosmith

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What GnR accomplished from 1987 - 1991 was monumental. They may not be as prolific as a lot of the groups but they conquered the world in 4 years and did some things that were truly unprecedented. At one point Guns N' Roses was at one point the biggest band in the world, and at the same time had a legit claim to being the best band in the world; very few can claim that. Few if any other American bands can make that claim.

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