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I liked AOA more than PE, sounds like a traditional Prince album.

The Yahoo event was...interesting. I don't know if she was a good host for that kind of event, it was like "ok, we get it, you photographed him". The audience looked really awkward (and it didn't look like a party, maybe because they go to Paisley Park frequently) when the cameras were on them and it wasn't much of an interview.

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He announced HITnRUN tour was coming to Detroit the other day. Tickets went on sale yesterday for a concert this Thursday at the Fox Theater which is only a 5000 seat place. To my shock & awe, but wife was able to get tickets yesterday.

He's only done one other city so far which was Louisville. The set lists were ridiculous for those shows, so I'm hoping for something similar here.

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Lotus Flow3r is a real good album, Colonized Mind, Dreamer, Crimson and Clover are seriously richly textured tracks. The guy is a nutjob how he stores shit up and randomly doles it out whenever he feels like it. Wish Axl's supposed vault had even a tenth of the Prince productivity and drive.

I really like that one too.

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The whole point of the vault was for him to decide on what songs for people to do and the way things wound up, everyone went around him, Now that he has the whole catalog under one umbrella and has it set up where they HAVE to get permission, it should be interesting to see what happens in the future. The only album that he might have problems with is Batman.

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It's a freakin' miracle that my wife was able to get ours.

Still shocked, huh? :lol: Let that show be a special one for you and your wife.

Seriously, still in shock.

Everything about the venue he's playing is great except for parking. So today, I was driving around thinking about how we might wanna go about that on Thursday. I was like "Hmmm..... we could park at the casino, then take the People Mover. Well, shit. The People Mover station by the Fox Theater is closed. Hmmm......well maybe we could.............HOLY FUCKING SHIT, I'M FIGURING OUT PARKING FOR P R I N C E!!" :lol:

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Set list is up now:


Looks pretty accurate from what I remember.

IT didn't piss you off with him playing an arseload of covers but then cramming a bunch of big hitters into a melody?

Nah, the covers were solid and his take was great on them, so it was cool by me.

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