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Picked up "Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic" over the weekend. Looking forward to giving it a listen. "Diamonds and Pearls" was ok, but I wasn't a fan of it as much as I was of "The Gold Experience" or "Emancipation"

Good choice. Rave is one of his best, in terms of his more commercial side. Songs like The Greatest Romance, Wherever U Go Whatever U Do and the heartbreaking I Love U But I Don't Trust U Anymore are some of his all time greatest imo.

Diamonds & Pearls isn't his strongest work and has aged horrendously. The only songs I still listen to on D&P are Money Don't Matter 2night and Cream.

Lets us know what you make of Rave.

Am on a major Rainbow Children tip at the minute. One of the most artistic and inspired albums of his entire career, but probably not a good starting place for a new fan.

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I like that he's been opening Paisley Park to the fans, it's probably easy money and a way to get audience feedback on new songs. 

I think we'll see a new hits collection by 2018 because that would be the 40th anniversary of For You, and a rolling out of the back catalog. He should put a Blu Ray of all the videos because the Best Of was like GNR's Welcome to the Videos where it was just a quickie transfer. 


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On February 7, 2016 at 10:17 PM, Black Sabbath said:

Looking to make a "best of" compilation for my mom. Russ, Towle, any suggestions for like Top 25?

Besides the well known popular stuff don't be afraid to check out his first couple albums.

Controversy, Private Joy, I wanna Be Your Lover are great songs. 

I would Die For You is very underated.  Songs like Pop Life, When Doves Cry, Little Red Corvette and Kiss are staples. 

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On 2/7/2016 at 11:33 PM, Wagszilla said:

I really like Art Official Age.

It's too bad he's exclusive to that Tidal bs now. 

Any other recent non-Tidal albums I should check out?


Art Official Age was excellent. His last two were awful. You can tell he just gave them away to Tidal.

Prior to AAA it's mostly been hit-or-miss. Lotusflower was the last pretty solid record he did; it had some cool guitar theatrics that he doesn't always delve into...kind of a poppy Jimi Hendrix tribute. It's not on the regular release but if you can fetch the Target edition there's a great Crimson and Clover cover.




that was an interesting time for Prince fans... he set up a whole MSLSound website for the release of that double album (triple, if you count Bria Valente) and as soon as it came out the website domain expired and the whole fanclub experience seemed to be canceled. :lol: i remember people who paid for it being upset. but the interesting thing was they posted all these easter egg music videos all over the website (like the one above) that showed prince was busy recording videos, but he never released any of them to official outlets. kevin smith's stories about him are apparently quite true... he probably has a whole vault of videos we've never seen.

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