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Hell and Heaven Metal Fest CANCELADO

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Due to security problems, the festival has been c̶a̶n̶c̶e̶l̶l̶e̶d̶

Apparently, it's a government interests problem

H&H says YES

City Mayor says YES

Governor says NO



Gobierno del Estado de México

El concierto Hell And Heaven Metal Fest 2011 fue suspendido por carecer de medidas de protección civil necesarias.‪#‎LoImportanteEsTuSeguridad‬
Mexico State Goverment
The concert Hell and Heaven Metal Fest 2011 was suspended for lack of civil protection measures required #TheMostImportantIsYourSecurity
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Urgent Press !
To all our fans who were affected by the news
published in various media today on
allegedly filed application with the state government for Mexico
the cancellation of the festival, we inform you that are just rumors
unfounded and ridiculous attacks to discredit the festival.
We generated a major upset that media monopolies and make such
unfounded accusations and attacks with the sole purpose of casting
down a major effort aimed at not more than extend the
range of cultural events within the territory of the State of Mexico and
surroundings , thus damaging the reputation of a company
years of experience in the media, and especially against the same public
sembrarles doubt try to avoid attending our event.
Due to this and to dispel any rumors , has convened a
press conference on Thursday March 6th where we will have
the presence of the Mayor of Texcoco , as well as the
relevant authorities to clarify and clear all rumors
generated around this news.
Thank you for your attention , we reaffirm our commitment to
with festival audiences and we reiterate that we are working today
stronger than ever .
See the 15 and 16 March ]
Live Talent
Production of Hell & Heaven Metal Fest Corona .

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Wow! Maybe Mexico should find out how Rio does it when they have their huge festival.

Security problems? Unless they are afraid the drug cartels might cause a problem? It could be.

I feel bad for the Mexican fans and all the other amazing bands that were scheduled to play this festival. That sucks.

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Okay so cancelled or not?

I would check the website or ticketmaster or whoever is selling these tickets.

Wouldn't this messageboard have made a full statement if the concert was cancelled? Isn't it sometime this month?

There are a lot of bands involved in this show.

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So, is it really cancelled? Can the thread title be changed?

You don't speak spanish? Could swear you were south american... It's not cancelled.

Do you hear a whooshing sound over your head? Every now and then I encourage you to interpret things figuratively instead of literally, you might feel a sense of enlightenment.

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