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Stephen Colbert under Twitter fire for racist joke


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#CancelColbert is trending on Twitter in the US right now apparently. Thoughts? I think it's ridiculous. The joke was a bit distasteful but cancelling the Colbert Report over it? Fuck off. Sad thing is I can't see this blowing over.

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They can't cancel Colbert, that and The Daily Show are the flagships of Comedy Central.

Regardless, I don't see why he should come under fire so heavily. He's completely satirical, everyone knows he doesn't actually believe the shit he says. Someone probably just got butthurt over this.

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Here's the context of the tweet (related part starts around 4:48 in the video): http://thecolbertreport.cc.com/videos/b6cwb3/sport-report---professional-soccer-toddler--golf-innovations---washington-redskins-charm-offensive

It's poking fun at Dan Snyder's new Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation. As others have said, don't know what you can do when some people don't pick up on the obvious satire.

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Guest Len B'stard

Well there you go then, thats why the react the way they do, cuz that sort of attitude is behind the satire, that it results in a 'fuck you', it aint like a blow being struck here.

People maybe just dont appreciate being put on blast like that...you can do it with them but how do you think it would work if the satire in question utilised the dreaded N Bomb or the term 'spear-chucker', no one'd have it.

I dont necessarily agree with any of it, just highlighting that perhaps its not only a case of them not getting that its satire.

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