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Books that forum members could write


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From the Cargo Bay 7 thread:

Only person i ever saw on here with wit enough to write a decent book is Nameless Girl.

I disagree, Lenny! I think every member of this forum has it in them to write a book!

itt: We imagine what those books might be titled! Fun, fun, fun!

Downzy: Ruined Forever: How Conservatives are Destroying America

Strange Broue: A Guide to Internet Manners and Forum Etiquette

Anjelica: 100,000 Movies Everyone Should See

Axlisold: Ruined Forever: How Liberals are Destroying America

Lithium: Frame by Frame: My Journey through the World of Gifs

Miser: An Autobiography (27 volumes; hardcover rumored to be bound in human skin)

Magisme: Ruined Forever: How Communists are Destroying America

Graeme: Freedom, not FREEEEDOOOOOM: 299 Historical Inaccuracies in Braveheart

DieselDaisy: Ruined Forever: How Liberals are Destroying Britain

Ratbrain: Ruined Forever: How Jews are Destroying the World

GeorgyZhukov & Bran: Ruined Forever: How David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are Destroying Everything Good in the World (and They Probably Eat Babies Too!)


where's wasted form this list?

he is actually a writer

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The Big Book of Useless Lists - by SoulMonster

For the Love of Arsenal: How a Kashmiri Gunners Fan Became Unwittingly Embroiled in The Global Jihad - by Len B'stard

Midnight Cowboy: Confessions of a Closet Country Radio Disc Jockey - By The Real McCoy

Postcards from My Mom's Basement by Broskirose

Bigger than the Beatles: How Kanye West Became the Greatest Artist in the Universe - by Bacardimayne


Jesus was Brazilian - By ManetsBR

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Bran and I will be co-authoring:

Surviving the Path: On Potions, Monsters, and Reward Maximization

the forward "witcher wannabes" will be authored by zosorose and black sabbath :P

also for the record me and georgy dont believe d+d kill babies we just feel they kick and torture puppies.

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Warchild: Conversations With Myselves

Downzy: The War on Nipples: The Google-ads Straightjacket and the Futility of the Struggle against Nudity on the Internet

Facekicker: Ruined Forever: How Feminists are Destroying the World

(this is where I got 'ruined forever' from, by the way)

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one night in paris: me,my mom, and maiden by powerage55

the vaginal discharge monologues by miser

summer soldier by WFA

i'm a belieber!: the night bieber fever hit mygnr by gunsguy (forward written by arnold layne)

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My Ex-Girlfriend, My Ex-Girlfriend, My Ex-Girlfriend,My Ex-Girlfriend, My Ex-Girlfriend,My Ex-Girlfriend, My Ex-Girlfriend by Miser

It is a fantasy novel.

Disappearing Cum: The Sequel
My Avocados, Your Guacamole, Our Laptop by Miser

My Disturbing Relationship with My Family by Miser

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