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Slash's Godfather theme vs. Fortus' Bond theme

Godfather Theme vs. James Bond Theme  

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Come to think of it: what I really would like to hear is Fortus play The Godfather and Slash play The James Bond Theme. Fortus with all his raw technicality could probably lift that song frm just a sweet single-note solo piece like Slash plays it, and Slash could add some sweet bluesy solo melody to James Bond.

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I can't stand Fortus' Bond theme. I find zero sense of melody or catchiness in it, even though the Bond theme is leagues better than Speak Softly Love. I prefer Fortus on, for instance, KOHD, where ironically I find his solo more melodic and amicable than Slash's.

Slash on the other hand makes the sappy romantic criminal hypocrite pukefest that is SSL into one of the most epic pieces of music ever played. It's melodic, it's rockin', it's soulful, it's awesome. So easy choice.

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