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Frank Ferrer as AC/DC drummer


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3 minutes ago, Powerage5 said:

Chris Slade is doing just fine.

Yeah, he is my favourite drummer. I love his albums with AC/DC and The Firm.  But I have the feeling that Frank could join the band at some point in the future. Simon Wright would be great too.

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10 minutes ago, Powerage5 said:

We really don't need multiple members in both GN'R and AC/DC - with Angus being the sole original member (And considering if that happened he'd be replacing the only other AC/DC alumni currently in the band), it would mean more GN'R members are in AC/DC than AC/DC members. 


Chris Slade is doing just fine.


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21 minutes ago, ludurigan said:

this is the funniest thread in a while, please keep them coming! should I create a thread "britney spears as GNR singer" to have fun too?

Hmmm, can autotune generate rasp?

I'd love to hear Xtina giving Welcome To The Jungle a shot, or maybe Paradise City :P

15 minutes ago, marlingrl03 said:

Wait, what?!!! :blink: 

I think this is a masterplan to destroy AC/DC so Axl will focus solely in GNR B-)

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2 hours ago, James Bond said:

You'd think at that point you might as well just get Angus to join Guns. :lol:

Hey stranger things have happened. I think Angus, if he doesn't want to retire, will get the musicians he would want to continue with AC/DC.

I did read that Brian could write new music and even record in a studio, so that would take a year or more, so maybe during that time, some doctor will be able to help Brian out with his hearing problems.

Can they replace your ear drums? Doctors are doing so many amazing things, why not this?

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