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The Wild Story of an Autistic GNR Fan


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Hi and welcome to the forum.

I've edited your post to remove your name because it's not a great idea to post personal details on here, I've also moved the thread to a a section more appropriate for general chat.

We have a past tour dates section that has threads from the two London shows if you are interested in those. I attended the same show as you and had a great time.


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Hey man, I know crowds can be scary and seeing a show doesnt go as planned, but you got to see your favorite band live. How cool is that? There are plenty of people that dont even get that chance. There had to have been a few cool moments. What songs did you like live? 

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I had some anxiety seeing the band each time thinking that something like that would happen. This might not help, but you just gotta go and enjoy yourself. If you stay at home then fear wins. Also I'm on the spectrum too, on the very high functioning end but social stuff gets difficult here and there. Welcome to the forum :)

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