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Multicam bootleg of Philly on YouTube


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5 minutes ago, Powderfinger said:

While he was also singing shitty with Guns...that’s the bit I can’t believe...

He was pretty cool in GNR in 2016. Sure, he mickeyed what he normally does (medium register), but otherwise it's incomparable with the following years. But that's a different thread. 

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On 08/08/2020 at 4:39 PM, Kelmi said:

Till this date the best live show I have seen wad Axl Dc in Prague in may 2016. He had awesome powerful voice. I wish they would release official Blu Ray.

They didn't record any of it properly so the footage would be very basic and that's if all of it still stored. Obviously they have the multi-tracks though... so, there's hope of one day getting some sort of live release with some Axl sang songs. A live best of featuring Bon, Brian and a sliver of Axl. Would be amazing to hear some of those early shows mixed and mastered! He truly blew the place away!

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