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Dave Grohl cannot hear too well


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That surprised me, but glad he's about to perform very well. 

Many rockers have lost much of their hearing.  Pete Townsend of the WHO is also deaf.  The singer to AC/DC has a hearing problem

Paul Stanley of KISS was born without a right ear and is deaf on that side. 

It amazes me how they are deaf or have bad hearing yet they can stay perform and adapt to their hearing problems so well.

I know my mom's hearing isn't all that good. She's been to concerts since the 60's without any ear plugs.

Now many musicians wear ear plugs, but for some the damage is already done, yet it doesn't stop them from doing what they do best.

Good for them.

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I once questioned on a show thread whether what is perceived here as Axl's vocal issues could have an underlying hearing impairment cause rather than just vocal.

At the end of the day none of our business I guess but it seems common with people who have spent a lot of time in loud environments including rockers.

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Kinda silly to me that he refuses to wear hearing protection but he obviously doesn't care about his ability to hear that much and has given his reason for disliking the monitors so whatever haha. 

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