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On 11/16/2023 at 1:55 PM, downzy said:

Yeah, though in fairness GTA V was far more ambitious than any previous GTA game and it sounds like GTA VI will be even more so.  

The way I look at it Rockstar gives us a magna opus every five years or so.  RDR 2 is probably my favourite game of all time in terms of scope, detail, storyline, etc.  It was spectacular.  I wouldn't want them to sacrifice anything for the sake of faster releases. 

I do agree that it would be nicer if they could service each game that wasn't completely reliant on the online platform.  I've found both GTA online and RDR online daunting and difficult to navigate.  But ultimately I'm in the minority and Rockstar has made a ton of money by using their online platforms to provide new content.  Just isn't in my thing.

I think GTA VI will be the game that finally gets me to buy a new console (likely a PS5).  I just don't have the time or energy to play games much anymore.  But GTA and RDR games are special for me.  So I'm looking forward to its release, though I'm not expecting anything until maybe late 2024 or spring 2025 (my money is on spring 2025 or possibly fall 2025).  

I'm praying for a timely PC release for this. I'd love to give this to my graphics card to chew on and I don't think I'd get away with sneaking a PS5 into the house at the moment. :D  

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8 hours ago, Ace Spade said:

They'll probably make you join their GTA +subscription service. I don't mind though. I grinded my character to over 150 in both PS3 and PS4.

Then again, who knows exactly what they'll do with t next online. It could be an entirely new thing. GTA Online is pretty much the biggest thing in gaming ever.

I hope not, I was a bit surprised they added that in the first place as an extra. Just seemed a bit of character for Rockstar. I doubt they’d make it so you have to pay to play online, that would be a bit of a kick in teeth 

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1 hour ago, Stay.Of.Execution said:

Apparently there'll be story dlc's. I just hope they don't put too much focus on shit to buy but on the story itself.

This. V really missed out with story dlcs. The two for IV were brilliant, I found myself actually playing TBOGT more than the main game due to the extra features 

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