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  1. It is interesting to hear the behind the scenes of how these things get out, I was glued to my laptop for the entirety of this House of Blues 2001 story It is also proof at how easily a teeny bit of power or "inside info" can get to people's heads! Of course I am not referring to anyone on this podcast, but more the people who actually do have unreleased/unleaked songs and videos and are demanding large sums of money for them. I wonder if there will come a point where waiting so long on this material will actually just do no good for the hoarders? Slash and Duff are back in GNR, the unreleased hoarded material is outdated many times over now in terms of lineups and how long ago it was recorded. I know personally since the reunion I have less interest in the CD era material as a whole - I can't imagine the price tag on this material has increased since the reunion.
  2. Damn that Slither sounds fantastic!
  3. I don't think he sounds that bad either though, especially the latter half of the shows this year there have been some fairly solid shows
  4. You aren't the first person to go "people who think he sounds good are in denial and are convincing themselves of ___" here, but honestly I do disagree! In the sense that I have not really seen a person say he sounds better or on par with 2016, or saying he sounds better than ever. And I haven't have seen denies that he is struggling at times, however I can easily see people honestly still digging the way he sings overall - especially the second half of the shows this year. I think so, and I still would happily pay money to see this current version of GNR. That isn't me convincing myself of anything though, that is just how I feel I just feel when we get into the "people are just forcing themselves to hear something" argument, it gets into some murky waters logically speaking.
  5. Whenever I mention them now to my friends most of them go "oh yeah isn't Slash back in the band now?"
  6. To me I see a lot more pros than you IMO. Coma, Slither, Shadow of Your Love, and honestly I really like the overall general setlists they cover a lot of territory and are extensive. All in all I view GNR currently in a much more favorable light, I still really dig this lineup.
  7. I prefer the 2016 one too, but he doesn't sound bad in the one from recently. It's all good
  8. Trump Using "Sweet Child O Mine" at Rally In Montana

    Build a wall to keep Mickey out of GNR #makeGNRgreatagain
  9. If he didn't know shit, he would't be the drummer touring with one of the biggest rock bands in the world right now Personally not liking his style =/= not knowing shit about drums. End of story
  10. Listening to the remaster and doing an A/B volume matched with my headphones currently, I find that for sure the remaster is louder, but it is not overbearingly done like something such as the horrible Purple Rain remaster that came out last year where it was so un-dymanic and so compressed that the CD was just only useful as a drink coaster lol. I dig the low end on this remaster, and I do still hear plenty of dynamics, and I agree with a lot of the people here who mentioned the guitars sounding a tad more pronounced due to that bit of compression I am digging this remaster - even if it isn't a HUGE massive improvement over the Barry Diament master. Which is good because this way we get two different but very awesome mastering jobs to enjoy
  11. The only reason why I became a hardcore GNR fan was because of youtube. If it wasn't for young-me waiting 3 hours for a horribly pixelated video of Nightrain from The Ritz to buffer via shitty AOL dial up, I probably wouldn't be here
  12. As a guitar player, I can say that he definitely has improved in terms of sheer technique Regarding his note choices and improv, that is more inherently subjective for sure, but all in all I was very happy with Slash's take on pretty much everything when I saw GNR in 2016 - including songs like TIL and Sorry. Sometimes there are videos where the TIL, and other solos, are not as great as other interpretations IMO, but I never have been sonically offended by any of them by any means, although I do get the noodling critique.
  13. Yeah that particular version of Shadow of Your Love, versus the rest of the demos that were probably just straight transfers of the stereo mixdowns, had a recent proper full remix which makes it sound a lot more modernized sonically. I dig it though! As well as all the demos, they sound great
  14. Also, just for information's sake, at least on the download I "discovered" online, the fake-live tracks on GNR lies (Move to the City, Reckless Life, Nice Boys, and Mama Kin( - the channels are versed, presumably (just a guess) so that Slash's guitar is panned right and Izzy panned left to match their normal layout And Mama Kin is missing the spoken word intro for Mama Kin, it just goes straight into the song
  15. Are you talking about the original album tracks or the demos? I agree if you are talking about the album tracks - to me they might have a little more detail in terms of low-end and a little crisper in terms of EQ choices however to my ears they do not sound drastically different at all. Not bad though, although I want to compare more In terms of the Sound City demos, they are sooo much better than the bootlegged demos. A combination of original generation tapes properly transferred and properly mastered, to me there is just no comparison between the great quality of the demos - they blow away any unofficial version of these recordings by far