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  1. Coming into the last 2 pages of this thread thinking it will be about Sean...
  2. I would say there are three categories of cuts: big hits, deep cuts, and songs that people who know a little more than just the hits would know. I would say Civil War is one of the most known "non-big" hits of GNR, especially since it gets radio play as well
  3. I mean all in all I am glad I at least got to see Axl live in 2011 and 2012 so I would say I am glad he didn't retire up until a reunion. And for all the faults of the nuGNR era, I would rather that than nothing for years and years
  4. I personally consider Pearl Jam to be one of the better 90's bands, and certainly Vedder as a frontman the best of the Big 4 IMO. I don't think they are boring or by-the-numbers at all.
  5. I would love new music too, but I mean we can't deny that the jump made from nuGNR era to having Slash and Duff back is something worth not taking for granted -after all it wasn't long ago we had DJ Ashba in the band with a top hat and Les Paul trying not to mess up Patience and TIL too badly!
  6. If anything, GNR is being more professional than they ever have been
  7. It still makes me giddy to see Axl and Slash both enjoying each others company lol, if I went back in time and showed this to me from 2014 would have thought this photo was shopped
  8. I am with you there, I got great live shows that made me happy. Life is good
  9. I don't think CD is "hated" literally except for the petty GNR people who go on and on about how it ain't "real GNR" and like politicians they take sides CD though I would say was a mixture of overproduction and not being able to live up to the hype, as well as just not having any real hit songs on it. There are some enjoyable moments on the album for sure, but it definitely suffered in the songwriting department
  10. All musicians are in a constant state of learning, no matter if they are considered the world's best at their instrument, or are jamming in their bedrooms to records. I told think anyone "told" him to get lessons, all musicians like getting different perspectives from respected people in their craft
  11. We don't know what truly happened behind the scenes, any of us would be kinda silly to make such judgement calls
  12. Yeah I really like his passion and enthusiasm! He seems like a super chill dude
  13. To go from living on the streets to having your own private jet in only a few years I bet would have a big effect on the ego of a person, especially if they have some mental issues to work out and had a rough past. Plus I think most lead singers start out having an ego in the first place lol I am sure that with age and with more experience with fame and having a lot of time to sort things out, it can change a diva attitude into a more "normal" one
  14. Rumor of a new album???

    I can't imagine Axl especially would hand over so much control to an outside producer as described on that blind item Plus regarding the rumors on that website, do they even have a good track record in terms of percentage of rumors that turn out to be true?