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  1. Duff To Play Charity Event

    But I don't see Yoko Ono anywhere on that lineup of artists?
  2. Duff To Play Charity Event

    I agree you have to draw the line somewhere! For me I draw my own personal line at not really getting that bent out of shape regarding what one musician I don't know personally chooses to musically do with another musician I don't know personally I hate Coldplay's music and always thought Chris Martin was annoying but I kinda hope Duff does more charity events with him just to see others getting bent out of shape lol
  3. Duff To Play Charity Event

    The dollar comes first? Did you not see the part about this being a charity event? lol
  4. I dunno if that itself is a biggie, even Paul McCartney in interviews sometimes messes up the date an album came out or misremembers which events happened during the making of which albums.
  5. When you have multi-million dollar contracts for tours, and a huge monetary beast which is the brand GNR, for everything - hell yeah you have to be professional. Arena and stadium rock acts, no matter what a band does musically or what their image is, is still part of the machine. Well not really, I mean Axl finally got the memo to actually act professional as he has fixed his late stage time act, it seems he finally understands that professionalism - especially in this day and age in the music industry, is what is expected and makes things go swimmingly better for all parties involved
  6. Just finished listening to it - it was a fun listen, Marc and Slash seemed to really get along well! Nothing really new regarding GNR, Slash mostly talked with Marc about the band's history and how they formed in the 80's and all the stuff we all already know, and same with the NITL tour. He said that the issues with GNR were mostly the business aspect of stuffs and adding that of course being on drugs and clouding his mind didn't help things, but he mentioned that he talked with the GNR dudes and they said that it is better left not talked about in depth publicly I really enjoyed this podcast though, Slash seems way more excited and into this conversation than a lot of other ones. And it was cool hearing about him and Marc just shoot the shit
  7. I always liked Fortus, personally I always felt during the NuGNR era that he was the one who was best fit for GNR stylistically My only real complaint, or not even complaint but just personal preference, is that sometimes he will do things like double Slash's riffs an octave up like in the start of the outro part to RQ, where simply playing Izzy's rhythm part would have sufficed. But that is just a small little thing, overall I think he is doing great in the band and with his role in GNR currently
  8. Axl Rose being mocked for no reason

    Wait, someone is being a dick on the internet!?!?
  9. Axl Rose being mocked for no reason

    Wait, someone is being a dick on the internet!? That's a new one, what's next - silly cat videos being popular on the internet as well?
  10. I will take "Bands that have only released 1 album in 20 years" for 200, Alex
  11. At least in the case of GNR, I don't think that they, in their mid 50's, can bury an album that is considered to be one of the classic rock albums of the 20th century, that they made in their youth where they had nothing to lose and lived and breathed music. That doesn't mean that they won't be able to come up with some great stuff however. But the hype, and iconic status of Appetite is so much that nothing can bury it - and there is nothing wrong with that IMO.
  12. The question is what I like more, ROR 2017 gets my vote and Slash's playing is a big reason why
  13. I totally agree on all counts And to add to that - reuniting GNR gave Axl a point of no return as well in the sense that he will not be able to sell a Slash-less GNR now that Slash has returned. If Slash and Duff leave GNR again, I can imagine everyone going "wait I just saw them live WITH these people, why would I pay to see them now?" So I feel like that is more incentive for Axl to keep Slash and Duff happy creatively as well
  14. I voted 2017, RIR III was a cool gig and historical for nuGNR, but nothing beats having Slash on lead again, like its supposed to be
  15. Umm, what do you mean Slash haters? I definitely see frustration that new material has been "all talk, no go" for every year besides 2008, and frustration that Slash seems to be giving the same non-answers as the rest of the band regardless of lineup the past decade but I don't see any hating on Slash here really Personally I am a bit more optimistic than some in this thread, because of the fact that it is Slash and Duff in the band wanting to do more material. This isn't Guitar Player #37 that Axl brought on board, these are THE guys, and to me I still am optimistic that they both can work with Axl to get something out at some point. But like always, seeing is believing so I am not going to turn that cautious optimism into expecting anything