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  1. That was the first time you heard that song!? That, Rocket Man, and Tiny Dancer are played nonstop on FM radio to death lol
  2. NITL live videos on youtube

    I know GNR were mentioned among those who had master tapes destroyed but I am not sure if there was ever a list of what exactly was destroyed and what is intact - if the master recordings that were destroyed were purely audio, or the material in the GNR vault as a whole
  3. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    Destiny by Zero 7
  4. NITL live videos on youtube

    I think it is a shame that the Tokyo '92 gig is the only real official live representation of the classic years of the band (not counting the overdubbed and random compilation of Live Era) - I know they are probably gonna focus a ton on the current lineup for the time being however it would be insane to not premier old shows considering they are simply gathering dust in the vault at the moment
  5. I will probably keep them just because whenever they do come back I would plan on seeing them so I wouldn't have to go through on sale dates and times again, and if they end up canceling, refunds would be given anyways
  6. I wonder what Ja Rule thinks of this post?
  7. Imagine how the GNR group chat looks with Axl and Melissa in the same chat
  8. NITL live videos on youtube

    Oh man, yeah I remember thinking while Steven was up there at the Dodger Stadium show that instrumentally it had the exact same vibe as Felt Forum '88 if you closed your eyes and imagined the visuals of that era lol. Even as someone who tolerates Frank's drumming more than many here, when Steven came on for those two songs there was an immediate switching of vibe there that was unmistakable
  9. Although I do think that having a net result in only one new album in 27 years (29 if you disregard TSI?) definitely puts a checkmark in the "could have accomplished more" box for sure lol Axl definitely left his mark as one of the greatest frontman of his time and who has rock hits that have proven to have longevity in the rock world which will never be able to be taken away from him. But I also think if there was an award given for "greatest amount of missed opportunities since 1993" they would forego any nomination process and hand him the award straight away
  10. Not a huge fan of the song, a bit generic sounding for me, the singer especially is a bit wonky lol. But I do like the drum sound and the groove so that bodes well for Frank when it comes to knowing if any new GNR album does come out he will be on it potentially with that sound
  11. It started off where anytime Slash mentioned new material it excited me (like him bringing his amps to Axl's place that one time) but I am realizing that we are at the point where even Slash's statements just don't bring much hope to me because ultimately Axl is still apparently the one calling the shots of when this material will actually see the light of day
  12. Prince - Sign O The Times - Super Deluxe

    I got this sucker pre-ordered and ready to go! The amount of material on this release is insane and is arguably one of Prince's best albums and most interesting periods for unreleased material Even before Prince's passing a deluxe version of this album was on my "holy grail" wishlist and I am so glad to see it coming to fruition!
  13. Beautifully said, your whole post! Regarding this specific point, I remember seeing Slash with Myles opening for Ozzy years back and this was pre-reunion and it meant so much to be to get to hear Slash play Nightrain, PC, SCOM, etc. with a band again and get to hear his guitar on the songs I grew up being inspired by I remember that was shortly after seeing GNR and after the show I was mentally trying to imagine Slash's performance I just witnessed with Axl's vocals I saw a few months back to imagine a reunion in my head lol
  14. Is there much Steven and Izzy hate? I know at least around these parts they are well liked mostly! And a constant source of unsatisfaction regarding how Izzy isn't there, and how Steven didn't have a bigger role in the reunion than occasional 2 song guest spots in 2016
  15. It depends, would Axl be keeping the same vocal melodies as Myles had? If so, I don't know if I would be impressed too much. I am not a fan of Shotgun Blues for example, for that very reason - just a very paint by numbers GNR song that just is a bit forgettable in my opinion But if Axl re-writes a melody that turns "Generic Slash riff song #1" into a more memorable tune overall I would say Axl-ifying it would make it all the more better. Or if GNR takes Slash's initial idea and adds onto it like the band did back in the day At least for myself, I don't consider me thinking that the songwriting in SMKC is lacking overall, to be a double standard in that sense. My main gripe is the generic songwriting, not how Myles sings the songs tonally