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  1. Is that the eye that has kept him from releasing any new music since 2008?
  2. Validation in the sense of more people from the "classic" lineup giving their stamp of approval to consider this an album in the official GNR cannon, sure. It doesn't really matter to me, although I do enjoy the interpretations of Chinese Democracy, Catcher, and Maddy that they have done on the NTLT tour
  3. New music, what you mean back in November 2008?
  4. Compression and limiting are used only as a way to control the volume variation, so you don't scream and completely overpower the rest of the music or so you can sing quietly but still be heard, it doesn't alter the way your voice sounds.
  5. I love that video, one of my all time favs of the nuGNR era, right up there with the Duff show at the 02 in 2010 where they did YCBM Although I personally would say this is right up there vocally, just as kickass!
  6. Although 2016 was a fantastic year as well, I certainly would feel very cool with putting that in the list of "best post-90's Axl periods" along with those two periods. I am jamming out to a 2016 version of Out To Get Me followed by an Axl/DC Thunderstruck and I am getting total chills from how powerful they are vocally
  7. Preferred Democracy

    Yeah in some cases there are a lot of little changes, whether it is guitar parts or levels of the effects/synths, etc. It can get a bit hairy for songs like Better and IRS where there are quite a few different versions of them out there
  8. It's ok, all we need is Axl to describe how the songs sounded like and Evader can remake them from scratch
  9. Is this Fortus? 2001 Hilarious

    Honestly I wouldn't even call that a difficult beginning! As a guitarist, he probably was making bank touring in a high profile unit such as Enrique or Rihanna, a ton of us guitarists would kill to do gigs like that! I know a couple of friends I went to school with at music-oriented college who have gone on to tour with known artists and they are great gigs
  10. As a California resident I can attest to just how objectively wrong and how ridiculously petty 45's tweet about California was recently as well. I don't care what side of the political fence one is one, that statement, like many he has made over the years, is just wrong https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/11/10/california-fires-firefighter-groups-criticize-donald-trumps-comments/1959469002/ The problem here isn't the rock star who actually lives in the general area that is being destroyed Tweeting about how wrong Trump is on this one, I agree with you
  11. This fool would never have been anywhere near the Presidency if it wasn't for the media
  12. I hope we can get a on stage classic Axl rant about Trump, seems like that is the closest thing we can bet on Axl ranting about now that he doesn't hate Slash anymore lol
  13. At the shows I saw I dug the upper octave vocal parts she added to stuff like Chinese Democracy
  14. My favorite part of having her in the band is how much she bugs some of the folks here honestly
  15. 2016 was a magical year. Listening to the videos of the Dodger Stadium show I went to, seeing him belt out TIL is a totally different thing than these last couple of shows. Part of me wonders if Axl's voice is hard to control naturally? Like he was amazing in 2010, and then 2011 he totally lost all that power. By the end of 2014 he was sounding a bit better, and by 2016 he was back to incredible. And now he is back to being shaky. Considering how even back in the 90's his voice went through various periods of change I wonder how crazy it must be to sing the way he does for his vocal chords. It isn't like someone like Eddie Vedder where Eddie uses his natural range and doesn't need to go up high like that which allows him more ease with vocal consistency