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  1. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    No offense at all, however with all due respect, your post history is more filled with complaining about "negative posters" rather than discussing GNR and adding positivity into the mix if that is the thing you want more of. I don't think there are many who are saying "the band is finished and they met their demise", moreso displeasure at the seemingly frustrating reality that GNR has been as unfruitful with new music and other things in favor of the same ol' song and dance they have done for now going on 4 years I think you will find that the vast, vast majority of criticism is not coming out of hate from the band, but rather frustration at how there are so many great things that could have, or actively be happening that aren't. And that is 100 percent valid

    The one puzzle that I find the hardest to solve is the puzzle of why GNR operates the way it does lol years of trying to piece it together to no avail.
  3. There was a time, specifically 2017 and most of 2018 where I was giving the band as a whole, many benefits of the doubt. Regarding setlists, new material, etc. all of it. I was willing to say "let's wait I am sure they are cooking something up" But lately I am just finding it hard to. New tour dates no longer excite me, and what was exciting from Locomotive and Dead Horse quickly got replaced with negativity from the whole TB/copyright saga since we can barely even enjoy recordings of those new songs lol At this point I feel like GNR are adding these random 2020 tour dates so they can make easy money and have excuses not to release any actual new material.
  4. Of course, I don't expect or want Dizzy to talk shit about Axl or anything, however there comes a point where when you can recite nearly verbatim the exact stories and phrases GNR memebers use in all interviews, with no information whatsoever that is useful to the fans. Like, just what is even the point of interviews if it is all practically the same thing, y'know? Same thing with Richard Fortus and the "hopefully soon we will work on a new album, Axl has a lot of material" phrase he has repeated since 2009 lol
  5. Of course! Also sorry @siraddam if that reply of mine sounded a tad cold too, I just wanted to make sure it is known that Meegan didn't refer to a new album in Feb, just because sometimes things can be taken out of context and it snowballs to the point where before you know it "new album in 3 months" becomes gospel Unfortunately it seems like we are getting more of the same, with the announcement of this gig
  6. She didn't say this at all, in the comments on her Instagram post about this gig, another random person said "Wished it was halftime superbowl :/ @meeganhodges hope we'll have an album by february also :p" which is the only reference I see regarding what you may be referring to
  7. European Leg

    Maybe TB read that article and in between designing toy trucks, realized that milking the tour for 4 years can make more money than 3 years? lol
  8. Different shows have different vibes, solos, different musicians depending on the era, approaches, etc. Plus it is also meaningful for a lot of us to see the actual shows that we were at, or great shows of old that either capture the band at its height, or interesting/unique moments Same with listening to the albums. Why listen to literally the same recording over and over again? Cause it makes us feel good
  9. Releasing albums? Okay, that settles it, they will be stuck in that contract forever in that case
  10. The best souvenirs I have ever gotten from a band that I saw live, are two CDs of the Pearl Jam shows I saw, professionally mixed and mastered, and released with a little tour artwork and a back cover track listing on a cardboard CD sleeve I am surprised more acts don't do it, it would help cut down on the phone recording AND is a really great and easy way to make money
  11. Even Howard probably wouldn't care enough to ask about why youtube videos of them are being taken down a ton since it isn't really a big media story or anything. Howard has softened up too, he doesn't really facilitate confrontational interviews in general anymore, he usually tries to be a therapist in recent times lol Sadly in the grand scheme of things, the people who suffer the most from this situation are such a tiny portion of even the GNR fanbase who buys tickets and makes them money so I guess in TB's eyes we are just a non-entity which is a shame
  12. I am not going to purchase any TB trinkets like the trucks or towels or $1k box sets, and instead use them on things like the new Prince 1999 box set that has 2 full disks of unreleased material, a live show, and a DVD of another live show. If we are not allowed to watch inconsequential random videos that help fans bond to each other and to the music, my money is better spent with bands where I know my money will be supporting the ability to give fans good stuff. It is a shame I don't feel that way with GNR anymore I just don't get such a violent reaction to youtube videos that neither effect their loot or do them any harm other than keeping fans interested in GNR
  13. are you ever getting bored with GNR?

    I do sometimes for sure. Part of it probably comes from the fact that GNR songs are so implanted in my mind from years of listening that I don't really feel the need to listen to the albums as much anyways because they are all in my head lol I always get back in a GNR mood though when something happens like the recent leaks or the tour dates
  14. Vocal Coach Reacts to GN'R

    Oh so you aren't a big fan of reaction videos?
  15. Copyright Strikes....

    The "Not in the Next Lifetime" tour featuring the folks you missed in the "Not In This Lifetime" tour