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  1. GN'R should make a movie

    I don't want a GNR biopic at all, that would have the potential to turn out badly IMO. The thing with Queen and Elton is there was the glamour and spectacle of it all, where a Hollywood movie seems fitting for the type of people Freddie and Elton were/are. With GNR it would feel tacky if done in that vein, and too try-hard and cheesy if they tried to do a gritty production with it However a documentary with all members of GNR from the classic era talking about the history of the band, their downfall, a segment with Axl discussing Chinese, and up to present day events? Yes please! I would love a doc that would be similar to "Pearl Jam Twenty"
  2. Are you saying that broke, street urchin 20-something year old Axl Rose has differences in views compared to 50-something Axl Rose who has 30+ years of life experience differences in between? I am shocked I tell ya. Shocked I will give Art credit though, he is rather prophetic. The last line of his article here accurately described what I did by the time I actually made it to that last line of his article. That takes some skill right there
  3. Chris Cornell would have been great, although selfishly at that time that was around the time Soundgarden got back together and I wouldn't have wanted that alternate reality to impede upon that as well as his awesome acoustic tours I think Fergie would have been cool overall, she killed it on Beautiful Dangerous and that was probably one of my favorite tracks off that album. But only under the stipulation that the Super Bowl sparkly top hat is never ever worn during the tour for that album ever lol
  4. Right but Slash was also doing some mad shit-talking on Axl and Paul Huge as well, some of them it was funny to see how much he couldn't not express his frustration. Of course he was also on many different substances back then that gave him loose lips lol All I know is I remain cautiously optimistic, I feel like Slash and Duff back in GNR and those three having a healthier relationship will bode well both on the band overall and the creative aspects. Seeing Axl more confident and "out" more lately like the Foo Fighters guest spot, Billy Joel, Axl/DC, the Looney Tunes thing. He seems to have a renewed confidence since Slash and Duff returned, it will be a new beast having the big 3 carrying the burden of a new album rather than just Axl himself I mean I guess all in all, all of our posts no matter what stance are just guesswork based on people we don't know and relationships we don't know the inner workings of. But based on the last 2 years of GNR I feel more hopeful than ever regarding new music - even if it is a second Looney Tunes song
  5. Although at least in this case, I have a bit more hope because it is Slash of all people, I feel like it is different now. Slash and Duff were there from the start, had creative pull and input throughout their tenure, and are proven workhorses seeing how much new music they have come out with. If Slash says there is a good chance of a new album, I believe him and take it more seriously than every Fortus interview combined I am cautiously optimistic currently
  6. If they do I really really hope they market them with the tagline "Appetite for Protection"
  7. For me, the big fault with the album is the layering and re-re-re-re-recording of instrumental parts to songs. Listening to the demo of Catcher In The Rye, there is so much more space the song has where it breathes organically - whereas the studio album version sounds cramped at times and especially wearing headphones can distract from the most import thing that should be elevated - the main melody I am sure songs like Scraped would have rocked WAY harder and had a much better impact if it was recorded with the drums/bass/guitars live. Tracks that are recorded live like that tend to groove way harder in my experience because of the fact that you have musicians playing off each other, as opposed to playing to pre-recorded tracks already done I like Chinese, and I listen to it every now and then. But I just wish some aspects of it were different because I feel like it would have benefitted the core songwriting Axl had done
  8. It isn't that GNR are "bad", but rather frustrating. Taking into account how crazy the Chinese Democracy debacle was, even for someone like me who came into GNR fandom in 2004/2005 let alone those who were there all along - and all the missed opportunities since then as well, it is easy to find ourselves still passionate about GNR but just frustrated at all the paths and roads not taken by them
  9. The truth, and the end.

    Okay this is one of the weirdest threads on mygnr more twists and turns than a M. Night Shyamalan movie - from bagels to eggs
  10. The truth, and the end.

    The only point that is proven when we start to bring up a hypothetical of what a box set sold in terms of units sold in an alternate reality year 2019 where the internet doesn't exist, is that GNR fans argue about weird pointless stuff sometimes lol
  11. The truth, and the end.

    What the hell is this thread turning into? lol look, there is no reason why fans thinking we should be treated with less contempt for enjoying phone-shot footage of concerts we pay for, or old shows from 20+ years ago should turn into "go to Venezuela you socialist bastards"
  12. The truth, and the end.

    - No, feel free to not share my viewpoint, but it is stupid in the age of 2019 to consider de-monetized videos fans enjoy to be the enemy, and to let two knuckleheads in the GNR fandom disrupt that - Nope, it isn't about getting things "their way", it is about decency and respecting a fanbase when the fanbase isn't getting much in terms of material anyways so we are using what we have in the form of concert footage to simply enjoy a band's music that we love and want more of. - Yes, the surrounding posts around the ones you made
  13. The truth, and the end.

    Like Lio said, these videos were not being monetized on the fan's side of things. Have you ever watched a youtube video of a song that was uploaded by someone other than the band? Or fan cell phone footage of a show by a band you dig? All in all for GNR to treat those things like the enemy is stupid, no other way around it
  14. The truth, and the end.

    No offense, but to me this is the absolute wrong way to think about things overall. To not use self-generated fan enthusiasm in the form of videos and audio not profitted from, not sold, but shared by the very fanbase who buys tickets to shows and buys all official material, and to actively root against it in the internet age is stupid. If you think a small faction of people interested enough in GNR to begin with who watch Saskatoon '93 are the problem, I don't know what to tell you We aren't talking about leaks of studio material even, we are talking about fan footage from shows edited by fans that are being taken down. We are talking about old proshots from 1993 that take away nothing from the band. The band can take down anything they want sure. But that doesn't mean they can't make incredibly stupid choices with what is taken down If the band goes "that is our legal property and it must be removed now" as opposed to "look at how passionate fans are in loving these old shows and footage of our most recent shows, let's appreciate their love for us", that is stupid - legal right or not