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  1. That is totally true. Ultimately you can be GNR or be like any other band in the world and realize that monetarily fan live videos don't hurt business and in fact are a great promotional tool in the 21st century that help maintain and foster fan communities. If they aren't going to give us new songs, they can at least let us enjoy the seven millionth performance of Jungle from last week
  2. For me I never really had a problem with something sounding dated. Like when someone calls Purple Rain dated and sounding '80s I go "no shit it sounds '80s, it was recorded in 1983" To me that is all a part of the charm and I think if an album is well written and the songwriting is strong and resonates with a lot of people, it will definitely stand the test of time regardless of whether or not a certain production style is as relevant a couple of decades down the line.
  3. If I was GNR/TB I know for me I would be much more attentive to the people selling the disks in the first place as opposed to a fan buying what is already been put on the market for anyone to buy. Rick didn't go about things the best way by the looks of everything the past few months, and while I can see why GNR would hand out a lifetime ban, it seems a tad overkill to me personally
  4. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    Hell yes! Locomotive is here to stay
  5. "Old Josh Drums" - it is very similar to the Rough Mixes Disk 1 version however on Rough Mixes the intro and the song are so varied volume wise that either you can barely hear the intro or the song itself is super super loud when it kicks odd Josh Freese on drums, the arrangement being more sparse and punchy with those 2002-tour electronic sounds, this is by far my favorite version
  6. 10/11/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    Am I the only one who has a decent bladder and doesn't need a bathroom break during the show or something? lol no way I am gonna go anywhere when GNFNR are on stage
  7. Locomotive has like every single aspect of what I love most from GNR: - Badass Slash riff and Slash solos - Groovy drums - Poetic lyrics sung by Axl using his low and high register throughout the song - Outro having the groovy ambient stuff going with a very tasteful and funky wah solo with cool piano shit
  8. I can't sing however I can at some point add guitars to the no guitars version of PRL or Silkworms to compensate
  9. Here you go! Rio 2011 soundcheck it looks like
  10. Although Oh My God was for sure soundchecked in 2011 - there is that one video of it. But I can't imagine they would rehearse then soundcheck and add the song to their tour setlist for trolling purposes - that would be too cruel With Hard School I find it plausible because it is by far one of the most old-GNR sounding CD era outtakes we have heard and Slash has confirmed GNR has been working on new stuff lately Who knows if the leaks convinced them to finally add it though, the timing is really overlapping between the two That is what I am thinking, Axl knows what leaked but probably is hands off regarding all of this including Rick's banning.
  11. I wonder how aware Axl is about all of this? I mean adding Hard School to the setlist with our without the song itself leaking, I can't imagine he would not be aware it is out there along with the Village Session disks, but I am curious how clued in he is about it all like with the Rick situation and the storage locker story
  12. I don't think necessarily either are "okay", but overall I feel way way more comfortable downloading leaked music than condoning someone leaking personal and business emails One of those is way more damaging in the sense of one of them being put through the internet gossip machine and the information being used for hectic gossip and bashing, and discussion all related to business and personal decisions that only came to light because of an alleged hacking, and intrusion of personal emails. The other one of those are just songs
  13. Agree to disagree for sure, I still lobby for the approach the concept of calling someone a "fan" something that is much more inclusive and less of a binary "you must be "x" tall to ride this ride" sort of way lol But regardless of the very specific debate over that, I am still stoked as hell that Locomotive was indeed played. It is one of my favorite GNR songs and listening to the videos, I am pleased that even Frank did a decent job on it which I was cautiously worried about when I first saw it show up on the setlist lol since the song's backbone is all about that groove.
  14. Again I will just put a coda on it by saying I would never tell someone they are not a "true" fan if they didn't know one 7+ minute UYI deep cut randomly busted out at a show lol that just isn't the way I approach that whole concept of fandom in that binary "is or isn't" way