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  1. Dude I totally agree! I was at that show too and the change in energy in drumming when Steven came onstage was incredible, like I felt like during those two songs, closing my eyes for a brief second taking it all in, it felt like listening to the Felt Forum '88 bootleg I jam out to all the time but in person lol I like Frank, and I thought he did a solid job live too seeing them in person. But when Steven played those two songs, it just "felt" like Appetite For Destruction, and that was all simply a change in drumming while keeping everything else the same which was crazy! But very telling as to how Steven has a special way of grooving behind the kit
  2. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    That is assuming Axl would release material instead of just chilling with his constant royalties in his mansion living the life. The ones who want to see a live concert for a good time are not the ones to blame here - it is just a rock band there is nothing so serious to be dramatic enough to boycott IMO.
  3. For sure the ticket! Especially considering you can access all the actual music on that box set via Spotify - I know it isn't the same as vinyl but I feel like when it comes to the box set you are paying for the physicality of having a collectors item - with the concert ticket that is that same band (well most of that same band lol) playing right in front of you
  4. Dj Ashba/bumblefoot Best Solos of Chinese Democracy Songs

    I'd like to nominate DJ Ashba's Patience solo. The jaw dropping moment of brillance and musical ingenuity that made Tommy stop in his tracks and clap his hands in approval
  5. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    At this point all future GNR tours will still BE the NITL Concert Tour
  6. None of the band member's projects sounded like "real GNR" if by "real GNR" you mean Appetite through the Illusions. That is why that combo back then was so great, and Izzy was essential to that - they all brought in their own thing to make it a greater whole including the songwriting Izzy brought to the table
  7. I am sure his collection will be filled with songs that are punk as fuck lol
  8. Yes very true - even with those multritracks, if indeed they were gone, losing the ability to make a high quality digital transfer of the original 1st gen tapes, and instead resorting to higher gen tapes to make new mixes such as surround sound mixes for a potential UYI, would be not as sonically ideal. And in terms of high quality digital backups made from the original analog tapes, another article quoted the number at only 12,000 actually backed up from the UMG Vault which means for a lot of these recordings destroyed in a fire, will from now on have to rely on non-1st gen tapes to do the job for them from now on
  9. Maybe, but also maybe not in terms of whatever was lost in GNR land via the fire, was not the 1st gen tapes. The trouble with this fire is that there was, without a doubt, many master 1st gen tapes that were destroyed with countless bands and artists being affected - GNR potentially being one of them. And sure, digital to digital once a CD is printed is identical when copying. But losing a 1st gen master tape, be it a 1st gen mixdown flat transfer of the original mix or the multitracks, again would be a huge loss - because as high quality digital transferring has gotten, still nothing beats first gen analog tape from just the perspective of what contains the most information and what is still the best objectively in terms of archiving the most amount of sonic information possible
  10. Original master tapes aren't something just laying around someone's house like a Grammy though lol original analogue tape needs to be stored in an appropriate climate for preservation (ideally also not set on fire also helps preserve it) I also believe contractually the label is in control of the master tapes in many cases which is why you see that list of so many famous and legendary albums stored there in the first place - in the case of this fire per the article these were master recordings owned by UMG And per the second point - it may be gear? With audio, if you are comparing masterings with sub-optimal playback like laptop speakers or random earbuds, or also fairly lossy audio it can hinder the ability to judge the masterings themselves. But I did a quick search on the Steve Hoffman forums which is an audiophile forum, and indeed there are a few threads there of people comparing and contrasting Smashing Pumpkins remasters to the original issue CDs
  11. In terms of actual audio quality, I believe it made a bigger difference back pre-digital where for example with each newer generation it would be like recording to a cassette to another cassette, where you would get more unwanted transient noises and tape hiss which is why a lot of 80's CD's of 60's and 70's sounded not ideal, because they were using copies of copies in some cases. With digital technology you can get a great and very high resolution transfer of the original analogue digital tape but it is still recorded and captured at a finite resolution rate cutoff, such is the nature of digitally captured audio
  12. Citing one show hardly negates a fact of if he actually does vocal warmups as Duff described though
  13. Lol I love that leg biting story, it is like 1991 crazy Axl took over nuAxl for a year
  14. I don't think it would be hopping on a bandwagon though as much as it would be railing against a person they deem ill-fitted for the job as leader of the free nation, no? To me "going against the grain" is parallel to "speaking honestly if you have something you want to say", as in speaking up if you think there is something truly worth speaking up about regardless of who agrees or disagrees or the amount of people doing either one - and if that is a man they deem ill-fitted for the job as leader of the US to me I see no reason to stifle honest feelings and conclusions To me it is the same as making a song about Civil War, except here it is a much more specific notion
  15. Robin's solo on the second half of Better and his solo on TIL are some of my favorite moments on Chinese! I think he was a great mix of the blues based world people like Slash come from and the new direction Axl wanted to go in - the bluesy counterpoint to having Bucket in the band