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  1. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I don't think so personally. Public interest for a festival date won't be as big as 2016 but still substantial enough to where they theoretically could just go up and do the same ol' stuff and, us hardcore GNR fan thoughts aside, it will do perfectly fine
  2. I could imagine Axl doing a cool version of Rebel Rebel with his normal register singing voice
  3. New pro-shot ? 13/04/1993 - Detroit

    The actual audio itself sounds like it is sourced from Live Era, identical mix and everything. So if the person in question has the whole thing did they just sync up Paradise City to the Live Era audio for this preview? Personally I am curious as to hearing the actual original soundboard audio from this show as an indication of the full pro-shot show being out. 1993 was such a kickass year for GNR! Axl's was killin' it that year, any 1993 shows are always welcome
  4. I don't care what anyone says, I feel optimistic regarding new GNR material and the fact Slash openly is talking about UYI era stuff from the vault sounds kickass too
  5. I checked out the first three, and while not bad, nothing especially brings me to consider repeat listenings if that makes sense? Like the riffs and tropes seem like a "we have traversed this road before" thing musically to me Just my own opinion on that of course - not knocking those who dig it! But I just find "average" ironically a good description of it to my tastes
  6. I have heard Cocked & Loaded, the self titled and a few of their recent ones and even the biggest hits I wasn't that impressed with - although if there are any deep cuts you are willing to reccomend I am up for checking those out before further bashing them more
  7. Lol although I'd take Scraped and Shotgun Blues over the entire LA Guns discog so I'll gladly be a fan of the "average" Use Your Illusions over LA Guns' "interesting albums"
  8. Perla selling Slash memorabilia

    What is even stranger than an ex-wife selling love letters, is the person who will go "Oh sweet! A love letter between Slash and his ex-wife! How much??"
  9. Although to be fair Axl said in the China Exchange interview that he showed Slash and Duff some of the songs he had going on, probably CD era stuff already fleshed out a bit. That has been over 2 years ago, close to 3. I don't think it is unrealistic or naive to at least consider the possibility of something new - I am not expecting it to happen because this is GNR after all, but I would say by September it isn't unrealistic in terms of this band having potentially something new going on
  10. The way I see it still after it being officially announced, I am still glad that they are doing something together. There is still plenty of time between now and September and it isn't like one festival date would hinder anything else they have going on behind the scenes - if they have anything going on ofc. And if there is nothing behind the scenes happening - well again I am just glad there is something as opppsed to nothing and more people have the pleasure of rocking out to Axl and Slash on the same stage together.
  11. It always baffles me how quickly some posters go "it is obvious Slash hates playing with these guys" or "Slash probably thinks Fortus is a tool onstage" an takes obvious personal dislike and play it off as fact lol I feel like the Achilles Heel of the collective GNR fandom is this sort of thinking like we have any ability to truly say what these folks are thinking/wanting
  12. For me the thing that would shed some light on all of that would be knowing what it is Duff and Slash envision for GNR. As in, are they totally cool with just shows and nothing new for the rest of time? Or would they be willing to quit GNR once again if it proves to be exactly that? Because to me Slash and Duff have some weight and pull with GNR currently, like I don't think that the general public would be very welcoming to an "Axl and random people" GNR again now that we have gotten Slash back for 3 years already. If Slash leaves GNR, to me that would mean either GNR stops existing or goes back to playing small venues of little consequence So Slash and Duff theoretically have more influence in the future of GNR than Richard, Dizzy, Tommy, etc. if new material is the only way to keep them happy So to me the big question is, at this point are Slash and Duff happy with touring and never recording/releasing stuff with GNR? And if not, would Axl be willing to be productive for the sake of keeping them onboard?
  13. I mean if being a GNR fan causes that much anguish to a person, more power to you if you decide following GNR isn't your thing. I know that it can be frustrating when a band you dig, doesn't take advantage of great opportunities sometimes My original post in this thread was more just talking about this possible festival date, and to me I am just glad that there is something going on rather than nothing, and that at least more people get the chance to enjoy Axl and Slash on the same stage. Something to me, is always gonna be better than nothing, and it isn't like this festival date is going to be much of a factor in whether an album is or isn't going to happen - especially when talking about September when it is only April
  14. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    That's up to you - personally the audio of some 2016 shows I have I come back too often because I think they sound totally kickass. Ritz one day, Houston the next