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  1. Someone else already mentioned Clockwork Angels by Rush which is a great example of a great later-years album. As well as: Lighting Bolt by Pearl Jam, King Animal by Soundgarden, Blue & Lonesome by The Rolling Stones, the last few albums Robert Plant came out with, even Bowie's last album All in all the potential for a new GNR album to be great is there. Axl has his stockpiled songs from 1997 onwards, Slash still makes killer riffs, etc. Whether or not that potential will come to fruition is a good question, but I feel like a new GNR album with Slash and Duff on it can be great
  2. Man, I visit this thread wanting to get some random next album rumor mill gossip and I get people arguing over whether or not a drummer from 1992 in GNR was a "hired hand" or not, I mean for real what is the point of arguing over this stuff?
  3. Although I feel like his detailed memory and established case of lead singer syndrome may prove to be in conflict with each other
  4. GNR references in pop cultutre

    I know How I Met Your Mother had a couple of different references - one was a character trying to recite some lyrics from NR to another character to win her back, and another I think I remember they had a tiny bit about Chinese Democracy but it has been so long I forget the specifics lol
  5. New Tool record help push GNR in any way?

    Tool released new albums in 2001 and 2006 and that didn't seem to push Axl's record release habits
  6. The shows from 2009 onwards have been a much less angry Axl and more rant-subdued which hopefully is a sign of being in a good place mentally - although I must admit I do miss Axl just completely giving random "fuck you" rants to people like Warren Beatty lol
  7. I think so too, but I think that while I get the whole mystery aspect to it, in 2019 it just pisses everyone off
  8. What is so uncool about this is that they ( the ones scrubbing Youtube for stuff to delete) are not deleting anything but memories and good times that people wanted to capture for other fans to enjoy. There is nothing malicious about those videos, or any of these fan videos, there is simply no logical reason to be so gun-ho and black and white about "all non-officially uploaded GNR videos are bad", it just mades GNR look bad in the eyes of the fans who love them the most
  9. I do think that when people call CD overproduced it is not a misfire of terminology when talking about an album that went through literally over a decades worth of tinkering and overdubs and re-recording, and re-processing, and thousands and thousands of different mixes, and constant changes both with musicians and the technical side of things I am not a Chinese Democracy hater, I quite enjoy the album. But I do think it is flawed and could have been so much better - and over-production is the most apt descriptor I have to describe where I think the issue lies
  10. I think ultimately the closest one-sentence assessment I can think of with Chinese Democracy is that for better or worse it really does sound like an album that went through 10 years of tinkering and ProTools fun
  11. Heaven's Door Whiskey

    "Appetite For Distillation", single barrel Cocked N' Loaded bourbon that will appear on the shelves on any random Tuesday!
  12. If "Street of Dreams" sounded like its 2001 demo version, if Scraped was replaced with a hard rocker like Hard School, if Catcher had its dreamy 1999 demo-like quality, etc. That would have been a hell of an album
  13. I actually quite like their version of Wichita, I remember when they first busted it out it gave me the vibe of them just jamming together acoustically like a GNR Lies thing
  14. The salt in the wounds too is that they are still happily okay with videos of mere live clips being taken down, which is the only "new" GNR we have to enjoy since apparently new studio albums or even a live NTLT video are not things they seem into releasing Like, if you aren't okay with us listening to over 20 year old studio sessions, at the very least leave the youtube videos in peace
  15. Wait, you mean, to put out recorded music out for eager fans to buy!? Nahhhh, why not just release a GNR brand toy train set instead, that will please the fans