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  1. That's cool to hear, is there a link to confirm that?
  2. Put hard rock, blues, punk, with elements of piano-oriented rock in a blender and you get something way more real and awesome than most other 80's rock bands at that time. GNR definitely carries the torch that was lit by Aerosmith more so than their contemporaries in LA at that time
  3. You seem to have an issue with people simply pointing out logical flaws in said speculation. Nobody is saying people aren't entitled to opinions - however if someone says something that is really stupid or very bitter based on nothing, hell yeah I am gonna point out the flaw in that
  4. Which is why I entitled as well, to point out whenever someone, instead of speculation, goes off on a totally illogical direction in a ridiculous manner. Which there has been plenty of in these 28 pages lol
  5. I am curious as to what the percentage of GNR tunes he will have in his setlist now that he is back with GNR, I am assuming at the very least that PC and Sweet Child will be there
  6. However there is a difference between speculation and being an asshat who thinks they know everything and use that false sense of knowledge to bash Steven or the "big 3" in a way that seems silly. Lots of people prefer to do the second one though so hey good for them lol. Not that they aren't entitled to do so, I just find it more amusing at this point
  7. I am the same way, I don't think of it as "the" GNR necessarily, but all in all it is just a name. I think that people here get too caught up on the name and the semantics of what "real" GNR is. For some people all of it is real GNR, for some it was GNR up until Steven left, for some it was when Izzy left, for some it wasn't GNR until Slash and Duff came back recently and for others it still isn't the "real" GNR. Like, all in all none of what we think is "real" GNR matters and therefore I think it is silly to give a shit about what anyone things about it lol just you do you and enjoy the tunes
  8. Right, and even when they are back in GNR for 2 years already you still have people here salty over the breakup that happened in the 90's lol
  9. Exactly lol people are talking about Steven leaving the band like it happened last week and not nearly 30 years ago