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  1. I liked the 3 pyramid version, it's raw and has an urgency about it. Definitely goes into my boxset as a bonus track lol.
  2. Why advertise the fact? I initially felt bad for him, however, posting stuff like this is just asking for trouble.
  3. Yeah same, sounds like a genuinely good bloke, who passionately loves GnR. Don't give up Rick. Shall we start a fund me page to raise funds to send Rick to an all funds paid for trip to GnR, far away from where Gnr would expect him to go, hence they won't be looking for him.
  4. Im starting to catalogue the 19 disc's, and just to clarify, The Numbers leaks are all from the Zutaut locker? Is that correct?
  5. Hopefully there's more recordings from the CD era line up, this locker leak has been amazing
  6. Do we have any audio wizards on this forum that can combine them?
  7. Is this fact, that P.R.L is supposed to be combined with Thyme?
  8. I'm so excited, and at work and can't hear it for another 3 hours..........and im having involuntary bowel movements. Has Eye On You still got that silly mac daddy vocal?
  9. The silence regards #2 cd is deafening. Looks likes nothings happening. Oh well, the locker leaks was a wild ride that had me obsessively checking mygnr forum and wearing my favourite CD skull tour shirt at every opportunity. Maybe, something could happen to coincide with the release of T3 movie later this month?
  10. Your "best of the locker" CDs

    PRL OMG (EOD) Atlas Shrugged (drums up) Hardschool Perhaps Silkworms Me & My Elvis Oklahoma
  11. Any updates regards The Chairman and leak of RMCD #2?
  12. Forgot about Qs with scratch vocals. We CD era fans have truly been spoiled with recent leaks.
  13. I love P.R.L as is - awesome track - obviously work in progress, but still good and worthy of place on my 2000 Intentions album
  14. So RMCD2 is going to leak one song at a time? This is so cool
  15. Hopefully leaks on Friday, that way I can listen to it all weekend, and especially on the hour long drive to Joker movie.
  16. The Chairman Appreciation Thread

    Changed my life. I have been obsessed with the 2000 intentions record for over half my life, and always feared dying before hearing it. One, I can now get on with my life. Two, it was better than I even imagined. Thanks Chairman. Ps, looking forward to disc#2, too complete my ultimate 2000 Intentions album.
  17. Totally agree, one of my favorite from CD era