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Should Chinese Democracy II be called Chinese Democracy II?

ITW 2012

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I think if it had came out last November, CD2 would have been a good title.

I still don't really care to be honest, but I don't want the band to have anymore shit thrown at them, which may well happen if it's called CD2. Then again, if it's received well critically, like CD, it may justify the amount of time spent producing the album(s) - to the haters and critics that is, It doesn't need justifying to me. I love CD!

I like the idea of a self title album, it'd make a great statement "this is Guns N' Fucking Roses"

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When was it ever said by any member of the band that it was even gonna be called Chinese Democracy II?

I never heard of it.

Ridiculous speculation as usual.

No members of the band ever said it's called tat and no forum member has claimed they did either, it is simply a name given by us lot to the follow up till we hear anything official

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they should give it a brand new name, and then :chinese democracy 2 at the end.

wow, haven't thought about it....

that's a pretty good idea...

Checkmate: Chinese Democracy II

but the selftitled album is great. All in red cover. Like Metallica's black :rolleyes:

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I'd never actually considered the idea of a self titled album, but I think it'd actually be pretty cool. Although I don't care that much, but I'd prefer it not to be called Chinese Democracy II. There's still some songs I want to hear, but the Chinese Democracy Era needs to end.

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Soul Monster

Awesome name for the album. Elvis Presley and the Monster of Soul is also an awesome song title... I have no idea what this song is all about but I want to know based just on the title.

So yeah, called the CD Soul Monster even if that track isn't the lead single.

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