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Do people only listen to NIN because Axl liked them?

arnold layne

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NIN is a fantastic band.

Direct yourself to this thread for further NIN greatness:

No. And don't advertise your shitty thread.

Thank you.

it's better then any nirvuhna or pink flord thread you would make lol

And yes, fantastic band. Trent is full of talent.

Come back to me when Trent makes the cover of the Rolling Stone and or plays on a floating platform in Venice like Pink Floyd.

I'll patiently wait.

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Let's not talk about acceptable behavior when you get let off on so much... :rolleyes:

Back on topic, though. NIN is great and you're wrong.

'With great power comes great responsibility'.

Quite frankly your language and temperament in this thread has been questionable and therefore irresponsible. It is your job, as a moderator, to behave in a professional manner (or at least that's what I believe UK SUBS would like to see on his forum).

I, on the other hand, am a regular forum member who made a thread asking a simple question that in no way, shape or form was considered instigating, hostile or inappropriate. Everyone was respectful of each other's opinions until page two - that is when you entered.

I am disappointed that the one person here, who gave me disrespect and therefore changed the attitude of this thread, was a moderator.

You are a role model here Black Sabbath, please keep it that way.

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