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Timeline of the leaks so far


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From what I've been able to research online, these are the leaks of complete songs to date. What is missing?


I.R.S. (version 1 instrumental) 4:16
I.R.S. (version 1)* 4:16

Better (version 1 instrumental) 4:57
Better (version 1)* 4:57 Note: Contains the "I know you know you know better" verse cut from later renditions.

There Was a Time (1999 version) 5:01
There Was a Time (version 1 instrumental) 5:55
There Was a time (version 1) 5:55
There Was a Time (version 2)* 6:33

Catcher in the Rye (version 1/84 BPM version)* 5:38 Note: Some distortion during instrumental passage.
Catcher in the Rye (version 2/86 BPM version) 6:07 Note: Some distortion during instrumental passage.

My Fellow Americans [a.k.a. Track 18] (neither confirmed nor disproven as a GNR track) 1:57 Note: Includes radio announcer from the Hindenburg explosion saying, "Oh the humanity."

Note: The tracks marked with an asterisk (*) appeared in lossless quality on the "Chinese Democracy" two-CD pirated disc (seen here: http://www.discogs.com/Guns-N-Roses-Chinese-Democracy/release/3765115). That they are from a cleaner source than the original leaks is most obvious on "Catcher in the Rye" which does not have the distortion/tape flutter heard in the mp3 versions.


Chinese Democracy (version 1) 4:47 Note: Final lyric says, "Like if your ass was your head, you could tell that you're out of time."

There Was a Time (Version 3) 6:40

Better (version 2) 5:00

The Blues (version 1) 4:47 Note: No words, just vocal sounds at end. Momentary distortion/dropout in final seconds.

I.R.S. (version 3) 4:28

Madagascar (version 1) 5:42

Pre-November 2008:

Riad n' the Bedouins 3:42

There Was a Time (version 4) 6:42

Better (version 3) 4:58

Chinese Democracy (version 2) 4:44

Prostitute 6:11

If the World 4:55

The Blues (version 2) Note: Similar to version 1 but with additional drum fill prior to last verse. No dropouts.

The Blues (version 3)/Street of Dreams 4:45

I.R.S. (version 4) 4:27

Madagascar (version 2) 5:42

Shackler's Revenge 3:35


Oh My God (mastered/remastered version) 3:40 Note: Noticeably clearer than recording heard on "End of Days" soundtrack.


Better Gone 4:20

Better (Bumblefoor version) 5:06
Better (DJ Ashba version) 5:46

Blood in the Water 4:03

Going Down 4:28

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I don't think a second CITR ever leaked. Just a "remaster".

Also, manet's thread is better.

My thread is more of an article, this is more of a guide.


Agreed, but this list seems more vague (and I'm not sure about some things on it) and doesn't list sources etc.

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I left out clips to only focus on complete songs.

How long does the 1999 version of "I.R.S." run?

Cobra, the higher fidelity versions are on the "Chinese Democracy" 2-disc that came out in early 2008 (I linked to the Discogs listing of it).

What was "Love & Laughter"? Never heard of that one.

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Some more info

IIRC, MSL gave the four leaked tracks to someone else in exchange for the "Grenade cover" version of Chinese Democracy, and that other party leaked the tracks. MSL claims to have the following tracks:

1. Blood in the Water
2. Better (remix with DJ Ashba guitar replacing Robin Finck)
3. Better (new acoustic version)
4. Shacklers Revenge remix (including Street Fighter II samples)
5. If The World remix
6&7. DJ Ashba solos (Mi Amor and Ballad of Death, as played live on the tour)
8. Oh My God (new version)
9. Silkworms (studio version)
10.This I Love (Alternate version with Buckethead solo)
11.Going Down (Tommy Stinson on lead vocals)

Never heard that "My Fellow Americans" song before.

Maybe it's a fake one?
I've read hundreds of pages of the CD leaks,
but never heard this one...

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What was "Love & Laughter"? Never heard of that one.

Was a good 2 or 3 years before the record dropped.

Mid tempo song with an Axl'esque vocal and a guitar part which reminded me of Brian May.

Assuming it was nothing but oddly all mention of it seemed to disappear within a couple of weeks.

Never heard it mentioned again since.

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There was an instrumental track which did the rounds on the filesharing sites about 10 years back which was labelled "There Was A Time" which although clearly not that tune, never seemed to be identified. The guitar tone sounded very much like the live sound Finck used in NIN and it had some dark sounding synths. The verses had a slightly aggressive riff in an odd time signature but what I gather was the chorus had a more traditional rock feel. I kinda liked it though I've never known where it came from.

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