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Slash (the album) and Apocalyptic Love today

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I gave a full listen to Slash yesterday and to Apocalyptic Love today, I noticed that I changed my mind about a few songs since the release of the albums.
Since the third album is coming in the near future, I figured it would be cool to see everyone's opinion on this.

Slash has grown a lot on me.
After first listening to it, I only liked Ghost, I Hold On, By the Sword and We're all Gonna Die.
Back from Cali and Starlight sounded much better after seeing then live.
And after a listening a few times, I really liked all the songs.
Excluding that lame Paradise City, the whole album sounds great to me now... I can't believe i didn't like Promise and Nothing to Say back then.

I noticed today that I like Slash more than Apocalyptic Love.
I didn't like the title song and One Last Thrill when I first heard it, and I still don't like then today.

Standing in the Sun and No More Heroes have cool parts, but I think the songs as a whole could be much better.

Hard & Fast, Shots Fired and We Will Roam are ok songs, but sound too much like fillers... I like the bonus tracks more than those three.

After seeing then live, Halo and Bad Rain sounded much better, I don't get the hate on Bad Rain, I find it a very cool song. You're a Lie sounded better after seeing it live too.

I'm a little bored with Anastasia after listening to it so many times, but it still is an awesome song. Not for Me and Anastasia still are my favorites.

So, what you guys think of the albums today?

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Songs I still listen to from Slash: Ghost, Crucify the Dead, Watch This, By the Sword, Nothing To Say

Songs I still listen to from AL: You're a Lie, Anastasia

Some I like but don't listen to any more: Beautiful/Dangerous, Promise, Back to Cali, Not For Me

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Didn't like AL when it came out, still don't. Anastasia really is the only great song on there.

I liked a few songs on the S/T album when it came out, and still do. Ghost, Crucify the Dead, Beautiful Dangerous, Nothing to Say and Watch This were my favorites when it was released.... It took me until fairly recently to come around the By The Sword, I'm not a Wolfmother fan by any means, but damn that's easily the best song on the album.

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I like Slash (R&Fn'R) somewhat better than AL, but I like them both...

My favorites from Slash: Ghost, Back from Cali, By the Sword, Starlight

My favorites from AL: Anastasia, Far and Away, Bad Rain, Crazy Life (Bonus Track)

I think the hate on Bad Rain by a lot of folks may just be for the cheesy lyrics. I love the song but I'm not crazy about the lyrics (but this holds true for a lot of Slash material and even some Guns material IMO).

i'm really looking forward to hearing the new album.

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On the 1st solo album, Slash clearly created songs that fit in each of the artists' wheelhouse and sounded like they could've come from past albums--this was intentional on his part as he said he wanted to play to each's strengths and not go for a more self indulgent Slash record that might have some of the artists stretching more. So some use this as a critique, and that's fair if it's not what you wanted. But IMO the record holds up great, one of the very few albums where I enjoy all of the tracks with no skips.

Would love to see him do another one of these, but much harder to tour behind, so that's the big issue...

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I hated on apocalyptic love pretty hard at first but it has grown on me. I didn't know people didn't like Bad Rain, it's probably one of my favorites. Myles annoys me the least on that one. I also like Halo and Anastasia. You're a lie and the first two tracks are okay. Most of the album sort of blends together for me though.

I liked slashs solo album in general. Most of the songs sound like rip offs of songs by the featured artist, which is all well and good. I just wished he picked better artists.

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I like both albums. Of course AL is more cohesive, but I think some people slept on SLASH because it had all these different collaborations. I think SLASH has more very good songs than AL. When I first heard AL, I thought it was the better record, but retrospectively, SLASH is the better record.

I like the guitar work and opening riff in "Ghost." That is vintage Slash right there. Good rocker albeit with some generic vocals.

"Crucify the Dead" is a great tune. That, "Back from Cali," "Nothing to Say" and "Promise" are the ones I probably return to most on that record. Despite Adam Levine being such a fuckin' douche, I gotta admit I do like "Gotten" very much.

As for AL, I love the title track. "One Last Thrill" is not for Myles Kennedy. "You're a Lie" still holds up. Sounds good live too. My favorites are "Halo," "Anastasia" "Hard and Fast" and especially "Shots Fired." I love that "they wanna see me in a blood-soaked grave, but still I live to die another day part" and the ensuing riffing by Slash.

Overall, revisiting these songs just now got me even more pumped for the next record. But I do wish Slash would return to some of the ballads like "Estranged" or "November Rain," but he never liked those anyway. Those were Axl's babies he laid guitar work on. I wanna see a few more lengthy songs with a lot of soloing. Not just the quick and dirty 3-minute rock tunes.

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