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Heat vs The Departed

Heat vs The Departed  

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Guest Len B'stard

Heats alright but i prefer The Departed, the characters are more interesting, they draw you in more. Heat, though it's a good film, always has a sort of last hurrah feel to it, like a cinematic equivalent of papering over the cracks, neither Pacinos or De Niros performance was all that in Heat...and lets face it they've not really done shit since.

I have a bad history with Heat too, for one reason or another I hadn't seen it for many years, could never get round to it or I'd watch 20 mins and then get called away somewhere, i must've seen the first 20 mins of that film 5 times before i ever got round to watching it end to end so that can sometimes spoil a film for ya.

It's a remake of LA Takedown isn't it?

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Heat by a hair. Heat just has an all star cast....and they all did a heck of a job in it....(In the movie and acting... :lol: )

For being almost 3 hours long, Heat was extremely watchable. Just well edited, acted, written. It was just a well done film.

The Departed was great too, had to go with Heat.

Spot on...both points are right where I stand.

Heat flows remarkably well for a 3 hour movie....well enough that I didn't remember it was 3 hours until you mentioned it. :thumbsup:

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