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Over-used lyrics in songs...

uncivil war

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If anybody else says something about taking broken wings and learning to fly in a song ever again I'm gonna stomp on a fuckin' little cute little tweetie pie birdie on the pavement with a massive fuckin' German WW2 paratroopers fuckin' boot on...and fuckin' stamp a massive swastika on it :lol: STOP SAYING THAT! :lol: Fuckin', leave it alone, it's Paul McCartneys, you can't have it! :lol:

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yeah yeah

uh uh


( in rap )

I love that, adore it, when it's kinda alliterative and follows the rhythm in, like Biggie or Raekwon when they do it. It's the sign of an MC thats really IN the beat, don't see enough of it anymore, people rap over beats instead of with em.


From 23 secs

See how in the pocket the flow is, it's almost like the punk bands lead in thing, some of just started doing it for no reason but the ones who REALLY tight you could tell they were like...really going by the count. Which I suppose you could say you're a fuckin' professional musician, what do you need that for but often it had to do with how hard or how fast or how...there's was a weird kinda nuance to it.

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Said I'm a mean machine

Said a little better than before

Said where you goin'

Said, woman, take it slow

Said, sugar, make it slow

Said I'm right next door to hell

Said we're not sad kids just lucid ones

Said he's fun to watch

Said it's better if you locked 'em away

Said but you been the worst

She said I'm sick in the head

She said you ain't special

He said I'm sick in the brain

He said you ain't special

I said it's time for me to even the score

I said you're off the hinge

Said we're lost in the garden of Eden

Said if they had someone to buy it

Said I'm sure they'd sell my soul

Said it tears into our conscious thoughts

I said what I meant and I've never pretended

I said this traffic is hell

I said your laundry could use washing

I said Hollywood's like a dryer

I said I don't know what I did

I said somebody's got to die

I said it's do or die

If I said that you're my friend

Said you took everything from me

I said you could be mine

Said it don't really matter

Lyric I don't know but over-used word. Axl Rose sure said a lot of things didn't he? There's also a lot of guesses in his songs.

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"Put your hands in the air" used in rap/hip hop songs. It's not 1989 anymore, this isn't Kid N Play. If the people don't have their hands in the air its because you fucking suck. Don't tell me to put them in the air, we know the routine. Make me feel it and it'll happen, but don't you tell me to do it....

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when a lyric says "there's no place to run", you can bet your bippy that the next line will be, "there's no place to hide"

Really, if you read the lyrics of Love Gun in monotone, it sounds like a terrifying threat from a soon-to-be rapist.

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