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Jumping Jack Flash electric vs. acoustic

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I love both and I’ve never been a fan of the original song by the Stones. Right now they’re probably my favorite songs on the set. I guess if I had to choose I’d take the electric version. That version is white hot.

”That ones for your mama” :axl92:

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I have to go with acoustic.. although both are awesome. I like how Axl changes the lyrics to the last verse in the electric version and the drums and tempo spice it up.. but something about the flow, groove, and tempo of the acoustic version make me think it's the winner. I find myself playing it often. I find it even sounds less like a demo

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i been saying this for years THAT acoustic version of Jumping Jack Flash is the BEST EVER VERSION of that song

by miles

thats pure magic captured in 3 minutes

Axls vocals are magnificent, he doesnt follow Mick melody lines, instead he uses them as a jumping point to create his very own unique and far superior vocal melodies with his usual "extended" vocal inflections

the best singer ever captured in all his glory

i wont even say much about the simple and yet completely magical interplay of Izzy and Slash. I suppose a lot of more articulated people have said enough about that. Those two guys are just made to play with each other and acoustic recordings like this show how fantastic, groovy, magic they can be

Seriously, Guns n Roses is (was) the only band that could ever play the Rolling Stones better than the Rolling Stones

Put these guys together NOW and they will create this kind of magic in a heartbeat

To this day i can NOT believe how is that Axl Rose fails to understand that

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Listenin' to GnR do it just makes me fuckin' hanker for the Stones one, it doesn't have the same lairiness to it.  Mick vocals are more in your face than Axls, especially on the verse, though I must say Axls are fair respectable, particularly on the accoustic version, they're doing it too fast though and it sounds a bit thin, doesn't have that same crunchy distorted driving quality to it. 

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Has anyone else noticed that on the electric version (CD3), around the 2min mark, Axl is actually singing this:

Slash was drowned, he was washed up left for dead

and on one of the following verses: 

Yes he was crowned with a spike right through his brain

Kinda cool.


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2 hours ago, baldek said:

Yes he was crowned with a spike right through his brain


Actually, Axl sings "Izzy was crowned..."


In case you haven't noticed, the lyrics of the version included in the Alan Niven CDs is a little different, Axl mentions everyone!

Slash was drowned, he was washed up and left for dead.
Steven scowled, at the sight of the crust of bread.
Duff looked around, there was no sign of our friend.
Izzy was crowned, with a spike right through his head




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