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06/18/22 - Prague, CZ - Letnany Airport


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20 hours ago, Uncle Bob said:





Grow a beard Axl

Looks the best he has in years and yeah, tbh, a beard would suit him actually. 

Guess the voice is totally gone now. He's in shape and still struggling big time vocally, so it isn't like we can clutch at the straw that he's just out of breathe. After seeing them in London next week I won't be likely to spend anything else seeing them. I can't watch the videos from this tour tbh. It's painful. 

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On 6/19/2022 at 8:00 AM, Oldest Goat said:

Let me put it this way. Let's say I sing better than Axl, you want to see him or me on vocals at a GNR show?

The Appetite guys will always be the best in GNR because they created GNR and wrote the songs.

If you could genuinely sing those songs better than Axl, I like to think I'd give you a chance :lol: .  I think it's quite difficult to create a universal rule for when replacing someone in a band is acceptable and when it's pure bullshit. It's something that's happened so frequently throughout history with such a range of effects on the overall sound of so many bands. I feel like the example you picked of you replacing a lead singer is obviously on the "high impact" end of the spectrum, particularly because vocals vary so strongly in timbre from person to person, and also lead singers are frequently the ones who write the lyrics, so the "honesty factor" of them singing about their lives is in play too, but it can happen. One of my favourite bands replaced an iconic lead vocalist of 25 years and went on to have a hugely successful further 20 years of career, including their biggest-selling single.

What people like in music generally is subjective anyway, so of course, your mileage may vary with regard to whether you like what you hear, and that's totally fair. I just personally think it's harsh to say to someone "you turning up and giving your best will never be as good as this other person halfassing it." I think I'd always try to give someone a fair hearing and judge them on how I perceive their playing to be rather than direct "you're not my real dad!" anger at them.

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