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2 new pics of Axl at JFK airport


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PerezHilton.com reader Meg had the uniqe "opportunity" to meet Guns 'N' Roses frontman Axl Rose last week, and she lived to tell about it.

This is what she reported back:

"This is Axl Rose (standing next to my boyfriend and a bunch of English teenagers) at JFK airport last Thursday. He was very pleasant and cool to talk to.

I'm assuming he was heading to Europe as we were in the British Airways terminal. Since he's allegedly coming out with a new album this spring, I figured that a celeb gossip aficionado like you might enjoy seeing what he's up to."


It was worth it just to see what he looks like these days.



rocked and here you can seeeeeee wikid music trip guys!

we met axl rose on the way back


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Funny - a couple months ago this would have been the biggest thing to hit the forum. Nowadays people are like, "Looking good, but a smile wouldn't be too bad."

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