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  1. The Black Crowes "Reunion"

    Thanks for the book recommendation. Just ordered it. I've seen them a number of times and agree, some shows have been fantastic, other's very average. Those first two albums I still thoroughly enjoy, and also like their sound when Luther Dickinson was hired for a while. Cash grab no doubt, but I'd still probably enjoy myself hearing/watching them belt out Shake Your Money Maker from front to back live. Certainly isn't a reunion though lol.
  2. I was once involved in a pitch for "Where's Axl?" show/doco - obviously it didn't happen (this was ages ago now well before CD was released). Curious as to if this is the same thing, or some dude pinched my idea and rolled with it further. Will have a listen.
  3. Gardening

    Anyone got any tips on Chilli growing? I've had some good success but basically just feed the fuckers as much as possible and give them as much heat. Keen to understand their up keep once they're dishing out chillis. Also seeking any tips on how to clone a Lemon Tree. THanks!
  4. Jesus that's good. Thanks for the clip.
  5. GNRCentral is getting worse. Can we ban it?

    Man, both those sites make me gag. For a while i had no idea what my password was for this site, and so relied of typing "Guns n' Roses" into google, and hitting on the news tab. Fucking horrendous that with all the bullshit clickbate from Alt Nation. I'd love to meet that Brett dude in person, i can only imagine he is a disgusting human being.
  6. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Wow, that's unreal. Is that your business, hobby, or both? I'm intrigued and jealous at the same time, what a great idea. The Kallax shelves are great, I'm about to order some more they're just ideal. @RussTCB and @Stiff Competition - am I doing any particular damage to the actual vinyl if I'm not storing in plastic sleeves? What are your thoughts? (environmentally the room they're isn't exposed to the elements or overly hot, cold, and certainly not humid. @RussTCB - the replacement of inner sleeves is something i've been meaning to do - the standard paper ones that seem to be the norm are a mess. Will take a look at the Mobile Fidelity ones, appreciate the tip.
  7. Dead Horse

    Watched the first video. Actually thought Axl sounded alright, way better than what I was expecting. Sure the rasp isn't quite there, but he is in tune/on key, and it's by no means Mickey Mouse voice imo. Just his timing was a little off lol, but voice wise, he was fine imo (in comparison to his NITL tour voice - no point comparing him to the UYI tours obviously).
  8. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    How do you folks store your vinyl? Shelved and in plastic sleeves, or without the sleeve? I used to have all mine sleeved, but found it just plain annoying trying to get records in and out from the shelves and the plastic just getting in the way (and just another step involved when putting on a record/putting one back). Haven't noticed any issues yet, bar of course a bit more wear n' tear on the covers (which doesn't bother me too much, even with the more pricey ones my collection is there to be listened to). What do you guys do? Also, how to you organise your collection? Mine is just alphabetically regardless of genre, with Compilations at the end. I don't bother going further with the ordering of albums by release date and stuff.
  9. Copyright Strikes....

    I wonder if it's a case of them not being fully confident in how the band and Axyl sounds, and not wanting the negative comments/feedback. Regardless it is a shame can anyone think of other bands that do this to the same extreme?
  10. Paul Huge and the new album

    A lot of solid material came out from Guns that wasn't literally just the 5 guys - input from others within their scene. Don't care who helps out and provides ideas and inspiration etc if it gets Axl up and at. My main concern with any new album is that it will be CD related stuff, with Slash n' Duff pasted on top. I personally would like them all to start to bring things to the table that are fresh with this current lineup and evolving the album/songs more organically as a group. Not have 30 songs more or less done that Axl hands to Slash et el to chop, change, and play over. Axl in the studio again singing, not relying on old vocals he recorded way back when, is also what I'm hopeful for. Gone a bit off topic. GnR have often had input from variety of their associates, don't care if that's Paul Huge or not, just that they all get in and amongst it and thrash out something genuine.
  11. Better song: Coma or Locomotive

    Coma - guitar riffs, solos, & tone. Vocal range, melodies, & 'Axl voices'. Still dig Locomotion though
  12. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Sorry all I've spammed this thread consectively. Any idea the source of this reissue? Another on the want list, but always take care before getting reissues to understand the source. MOV is generally pretty solid in my experience tbh.
  13. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Outside of GNR arriving this week; Buddy Guy Sweat Tea, Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli), Gary Clark Jr's This Land, Tribe Called Quest Midnight Marauders, and Thirdmans Vault package centered around White Stripes debut album (if memory serves). GNR related - just got the Spaghetti Incident to complete my GnR albums (included Live Like a Suicide), oddly wanted this one for ages for some reason. Pawnshop Guitars is on my want list,......but that want list constantly grows - hard & expensive to stay on top of
  14. They're interesting for obvious reasons, so I'm enjoying them from that perspective, but they're all quite poor IMO and the KOHD in particular is cringe worthy. Still, here's hoping all these aren't used for any of the rumored new material and they just bash out an album somewhat more organically