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  1. Some people don't have any concept that these a people, who change over the course of 30-35 years, and this is their career/business. It was actually kind of shocking to have Axl/Slash reunited and have it quickly turn into "but what about Steven"? Hell freezes over and we get what we never, ever thought we'd get and we move onto the next complaint.
  2. Well GNR are signing song lyrics the way they were written 35 years ago while not condoning the message they send if asked about them off stage. Trump's talking about grabbing women by the pussy because he's a star, and he can, and takes the whole thing so seriously he alternates between defended it and pretending it wasn't him that said it. He makes fun of women's appearance. He makes fun of their intelligence. He defended himself against sexual harassment allegations by saying the victim wasn't attractive enough to sexually harass. There's no shortage of ways Trump has proven himself to be a vile piece of shit and you just have to accept that some people - even your favorite band - don't support it and are allowed to voice their opinions without you trying to invalidate it.
  3. I'd just like to point out that we're comparing sexist, misogynistic lyrics written by hard parting kids living in a storage unit nearly 35 years ago to the current President's behavior. I mean, at the very least, shouldn't the President of the United States be held to a higher standard than Appetite For Destruction?
  4. He needs to stop beating around the bush and just admit that Izzy wanted too much money and none of them want to deal with Adler on a daily basis.
  5. Loco-Motive

    Speaking of Locomotive, was it always titled "Locomotive (Complicity)" ? I don't remember ever seeing it but it shows up on streaming services like that all of a sudden.
  6. So this is about as definitive statement on a new album we've gotten isn't it?
  7. His point is GNR news is being reported based on interviews where he's not giving GNR news. Which is true. How many non-committal, non-specific quotes have we seen spun into "GNR Planning New Album" ?
  8. I think he just wants them to ignore that and give him the same money they're getting anyway. Which is why I side with Axl/Slash/Duff.
  9. When Izzy wanted out of the band, he sold his share of the band back to Axl/Slash/Duff. When Slash/Duff left, they just left the band, but maintained their interest in the partnership. Axl could continue on calling his band "Guns N'Roses" but Slash/Duff had some say/control over how material they wrote/performed in the band could be used. They all received royalties for anything they wrote/recorded while they were in the band. I think that's probably the basis of the Izzy disagreement - they feel they were the ones who managed the brand for 20-some years and they already paid him for his claim to GNR, he felt he was an original member like them so he should get what they get.
  10. Did Slash and Duff sign contracts? I don't think of them as strictly "employees", I think Axl/Slash/Duff are all making the decisions, but legally it's probably still set up so it's still Axl's show if things don't work out.
  11. Duff interview.

    I don't doubt it but a lot of people can't hear why splitting the loot equally wasn't necessarily fair to Ax/Slash/Duff.
  12. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Is Matt writing a book? Uh oh.
  13. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I find he has a tendency to act like what he wants is what rightfully should be, but, you know, someone's being mean to him for no particular reason. The talking out of both sides of his mouth thing was in reference to the last interview I listened to with him, from sometime after the Argentina appearances. He has this way of making himself sound like he's a victim. Like, he wanted to play all the Appetite songs but they won't let him. Or he wanted to stay out for an extra song but they turned his drum kit off so he'd leave. Or he showed up on the wrong night and did't understand why they couldn't just let him play both nights. But it was fun and he's really grateful. He finds this way to get his complaints out there.
  14. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I don't think it's about his drumming, it's his personality and risk factor. Constant lineup changes in his band would suggest either he can't get along with people or people can't tolerate him for too long. I don't know how anyone can listen to him do an hour long radio appearance where he talks out of both sides of his mouth to appear to be grateful AND the victim and not realize that's not a personality you need in 2019 GNR.