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  1. Ok, so it was his decision and him not being there isn't something to rip Duff over.
  2. Alright, so what part of Izzy's last 30 years would suggest he would be on board with indefinitate world touring?
  3. Izzy has been described, consistently, by various people, most of which love him, as being a flakey free spirit for about 30 years now. It's not hard to believe he didn't want to sign up to tour the world indefinitely.
  4. Knowing how GNR are when it comes to leaks and what happened to Skwerl, announcing he was on his way to get the music was a curious choice.
  5. So he took the money and leaked anyway?
  6. I'm just catching up on this story now. GNR gave him money?
  7. I mean, it wasn't released, maybe never even had vocals on it.
  8. I'm Team Axl through and through and I legit love Chinese Democracy, one of my favorite albums. But based on these leaks I can believe he obsessively tinkered with the songs that made up CD because they were his best ones and there's not a whole lot left.
  9. Were all of these leaks on those storage locker CDs? I stopped reading the tracklistings when they seemed to be numerous slightly altered versions of the same songs.
  10. "My sense of rejection is no excuse for my behavior..." AXL wrote that? Axl Rose? W. Axl Rose?
  11. It's possible that the reason this stuff has been buried all these years and Axl's so hesitant to release new music is because after all the time, the endlessly tinkered with songs on CD was as good as he had.
  12. I wouldn't say I don't like it, but there's about 10 seconds of it that I REALLY like. About 1:50 to 2:00.
  13. You could probably write a psychology thesis on Axl but he acted like a bitter, scorned lover for 20 years over Slash leaving so, as silly as it is, I believe Axl would be writing songs about it.