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  1. Without knowing how well they'd write together these days, or if they'd get along if they tried, and what happened when Chinese Democracy was announced and took 14 years to get released, I could see them just playing around in the studio in secret just to see what happens without plans or making promises.
  2. Everything leaked before the album was released but if you mean which songs weren't heard or out there before the release was put in motion, I think only Scraped, This I Love and Sorry. That was the complaint a lot of people had at the time, we were only getting 3 unheard songs.
  4. All I'm saying is the guy obviously had some issues in his heyday and disappeared for nearly a decade at the height of his fame/career and spent 12 years working on an album and disappeared again when it was finally released. I think it's fair to say the guy was going through some shit and probably looked it at times.
  5. Your Least Favorite Among the GN'R Hits

    Live and Let Die. I liked it live but I've never once thought to myself "you know what I want to hear right now? Live and Let Die."
  6. I think the intro should have been track 1 and lead right into Chinese Democracy on track 2 so you have the option of skipping it.
  7. If you're so concerned about domestic violence and/or sexual assault you should take issue with how Trump routinely calls the women who make accusations liars.
  8. I'm not sure what you're saying there but in general the behavior of the President is more important than the behavior of the lead singer of Guns N'Roses.
  9. Because that's how it works with Trump supporters. Deny that anything Trump is accused of happened. If you can't deny it happened, say it's not a big deal anyone and try to find some comparable example of someone else doing it. Also popular is expressing racist views or acting in racist ways and then saying "how is that racist?"
  10. There's a shockingly high number of people who didn't stop to ask themselves simple questions like "How would the host of the Apprentice know more about ISIS than the generals?".
  11. He dismissed it as "locker room talk" and has since suggested it wasn't him on the tape.
  12. Sounding like a childish idiot on Twitter can get you in the White House so it should be okay for Axl.
  13. Isn't Axl always shitty in the first show back in a while? I'm not going to say he sounds great but people at the show, in the moment, probably aren't focused just on his voice.
  14. I think Trump goes beyond simple politics and policy for a lot of people. It's a good vs evil, right vs wrong thing with him, whatever side you happen to be on. So I think that's why it's important for some artists to come out and make it clear which side they're on.
  15. Why are you so intent on proving that Axl doesn't feel how he seems to feel? Or to find fault in it? He's anti-Trump and seems to have been following along closely enough to Tweet something in reference to significant happenings. I think if he hasn't been accused of assaulting or mistreating a women in 30 years we should assume that's because he hasn't - because women outing prominent men for their shitty behavior has been a thing lately and I doubt anyone is scared of 2018 Axl Rose's power.