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  1. Say it sucks and complain too many new songs are in the setlist.
  2. I think there's been a lot of baby steps along the way. Let's see if we can make up, let's see how the shows go, let's see how the tour goes, let's see if we get along....let's see if we can make an album will come.
  3. If I recall, they couldn't agree on who wrote what a lot of times so for that one album they agreed to split it the credits equally but have also acknowledged Adler wrote little to none.
  4. I read Slash's quotes and an hour later read "CONFIRMED: New Guns N'Roses album in the works" on another story. That's why they don't do a lot of media. The new music update is pretty much what I expected. They're open to it and kicking some things around without any firm plan to do it. But hearing Slash talk about how positive the NITL experience was was cool.
  5. "Comedy enthusiast". Axl's pretty much Alice Cooper in Wayne's World.
  6. Robin Finck pissed off

    The first clip was from an infamous NIN show in Japan in 2000 or 2001. I think 2000. Trent was a mess, could barely sing or stand up and kept bumping into Finck.
  7. I'd rather 2 albums released fairly close together. Double albums are just a lot to take in at once.
  8. Bugs Bunny is so mean to Steven.
  9. 2006

    I was excited back then too. The leaks were exciting and proved they actually were working on new music, those songs being in the setlist suggested they were close to an album release. Axl sounds great and has a revamped look, a lot of energy, the band looks more cohesive and not the random bunch of characters they were in 2001. I felt like they were energized on clicking and on the verge of something and then, just, nothing....CD just appears two years later.
  10. 2006

    It's not just the voice, it's the energy and body language. He's just killing it and knows he's killing it. I think CD is better received too, if it's followed up with performances like this instead of the way it was.
  11. 2006

    I watched this show for the first time in like a decade last night. Axl looks great. He sounds great. The band sounds great. And Axl looks totally happy and energetic, excited to be performing. WTF happened? So much energy and momentum and then, just, nothing...
  12. I'll say reunion because I highly doubt the stuff in the vault is actually finished or good enough in Axl's mind and Slash and Duff working on it might be the only thing that gets it released.
  13. It's called "Rock The Rock" and Bugs Bunny is playing lead guitar. All I'm interested in is how Axl sounds in a, I imagine, recent recording and he sounds good. So my "maybe Axl can't sing anymore" fears are no more.
  14. I understood the frustration and complaining up until the original band was on tour for a month and people were pissed off at the repetitive setlist.