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  1. It'd probably be easier to make a quick per appearance agreement with Gilby than work something out with Izzy.
  2. I don't know if there's a year, a setlist, a line up or an album they ever could produce that wouldn't have people bitching about one thing or another.
  3. What happened to Steven Adler?

    Sorry I didn't notice this and it took a couple of days to reply. I'm replying on October 8th, 2017. Steven Adler isn't relevant here either.
  4. Yes, in his book he said Axl was coming up to visit him and they were doing sober activities, biking, etc. I can't remember what he said about Slash in his book but I thought there was an interview or maybe it was in his book where he said Slash kept his distance and understood why because it would force Slash to address his own issues or something?
  5. What happened to Steven Adler?

    Maybe not the money but the life style. Being on the road, being relevant again, etc. The guy always came off like he just wanted 1988 to last forever.
  6. What happened to Steven Adler?

    Well Axl/Duff were asked why he wasn't there in that interview and pretty much danced around it, and like, the next day he tweeted something about "bullshit, they didn't want to split the loot equally". So, 2+2=4, you know? Duff was also reportedly quoted saying that Izzy was trying to get his 25% back or something, but I'm not sure where that quote came from, I just saw it repeated on here.
  7. What happened to Steven Adler?

    I know I bring this up all the time but it's kind of frustrating that some people just dismiss it as irrelevant, but if Izzy wants to profit as if he owns something that he doesn't, because he already profited by selling it, how is that the other guys being unfair to Izzy? Like, people will go back 20 to 25 years dissecting everything looking for some motivation to explain why they'd do this to Izzy when the answer seems pretty straight forward - he sold his share in the band and washed his hands of it, while Axl/Slash/Duff didn't. They managed the brand for 20 years, Izzy wanted nothing to do with it. Izzy already got his "loot" from selling his share of the band back to Axl/Slash/Duff. If he wanted equal "loot" he's being unrealistic and I don't understand why people act like Axl/Slash/Duff are the bad guys for not just giving it to him. Aside from that, I'm somewhat skeptical that a guy who doesn't like to tour and doesn't like to be in the spotlight would sign up for high profile, two year tour, but that's just my opinion.
  8. Gilby played a show at a local bar a couple of years ago and I got to chat with him a little afterwards. He said he was texting with Slash right before he went on stage and doesn't talk to Axl much but thinks he's awesome, so that seems about right. Close with Slash, cordial with Axl.
  9. If Izzy sold his share of the band for MONEY and then wants the same cut as they guys who own the band without paying back that MONEY, who's the greedy one?
  10. What happened to Steven Adler?

    Was Steven on bad terms with Slash and Duff? I can't remember Slash's book or what he's said about it but anything Duff's said has always been "we didn't want to throw him out but he left us no choice". Slash/Duff going off on their own and spending more time together doesn't necessarily mean they were anti-Adler, maybe they just didn't like hanging out with him that much? I get the sense he could be kind of obnoxious if you were around him all the time. Axl's a weird one because it's Axl so you really don't know what to make of anything he says/does. Calling the band out for their drug use, for example, is a dick move by a guy who's been a dick numerous times, but he's also an emotional, caring guy, so I can believe he was calling them out because he was concerned about it. Has the full story about Erin/Steven ever came out? Because if it's true, and Steven nearly killed her, isn't that enough? Like if Axl wanted him out of the band based on that, isn't it kinda hard to argue against it? But according to Axl he protected Adler even afterwards. But I have no doubt now that aside from Adler being unreliable and too much of a risk, he also wouldn't jive with Axl and that's probably another aspect to it. I think Axl/Slash/Duff are all on the same page and know what they're doing, what the plan is, possible tentative plans, and seem to have figured out what they need from each other to make all this work. Adler doesn't have that tact. Like, I could see Slash/Duff wanting to do new music but realizing they have to gently coax Axl into it, convincing him he can still do it. Whereas Alder would be hounding him to make a new record and going on the radio to tell everyone he wants to make a new record but Axl won't do it.
  11. What happened to Steven Adler?

    People in the studio say Alder couldn't perform due to the drug problem he proceeded to spend 25 years proving he had. People who were actually there. Yet you find it more believable they just threw him out for evil unfair reasons? Wasn't Axl the only guy to visit Adler when he OD'd? Oh clearly Adler's lying because he was in on the conspiracy to throw Adler out of the band!
  12. What happened to Steven Adler?

    Farm Aid is the show he falls face first into his drum kit, right? Okay, let's just assume for a minute that Adler was perfectly capable of recording and touring and was just nailing it in the studio. We'll also forget numerous incidents over the past 30 years. And Celebrity Rehab. It was all the rest of the band getting together and deciding to throw Adler out. Why? What motive is there to throw out Alder?
  13. What happened to Steven Adler?

    They've addressed the "morality" of it. They didn't care who was doing what as long as they could get their work done. Slash and Duff could, Steven couldn't, in the eyes of the people who were actually there at the time, attempting to get their work done with him. I don't even know what the argument is here anymore. That they shouldn't have fired him in 1990? They were there, you weren't, they determined they couldn't continue with him as their drummer. And what exactly has he done since 1990 to suggest they were wrong?
  14. What happened to Steven Adler?

    If you don't understand why they tolerated Axl and didn't tolerate Adler, I don't know what to tell you.
  15. What happened to Steven Adler?

    The last time Adler was given a chance was in 2013 when Duff invited him to open for Loaded in Japan. How did that turn out? Alder went off on a bender and then whined about Duff getting mad at him for it. He couldn't handle that and you think it's realistic to have him be the full-time drummer for a tour of this magnitude? After the Loaded tour Duff can't even vouch for him! Aside from that, it took some work for Axl/Slash/Duff to mend fences and get on the same page. It was/might be a fragile situation and there was work put into them agreeing on what their goal was here and what they needed from each other to make it work - ie, Slash doesn't do interviews about the reunion, Axl shows up on time. Adler's obnoxious and doesn't have the tact to work within a situation like that. We've seen that already. He's scheduled for one show, he shows up at another expecting to play just because he showed up. Then he complains that they only let him play once on the show he wasn't supposed to be at in the first place. While Axl/Slash/Duff have found a way to communicate and co-exist, you'd have Adler hounding them about what he wants to do and complaining about what he doesn't like to the media.