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  1. Question about Mr.brownstone

    Maybe an inside reference to whoever introduced him to heroin? Or some play on heroin = heroine = her.
  2. Question about Mr.brownstone

    That's basically it. Brownstone is heroin, dancin is using it, and the over all annoyance of "Mr.Brownstone" is liking the urges to a pesty neighbor.
  3. I know this - the guy was thrown out of the band for being a junkie, he spent 25 years proving that point over and over again, he was given an opportunity by Duff to take part in a much smaller tour 5 years ago and he couldn't keep it together during that, and, ultimately, the people in charge of this decided that they couldn't trust him. And at the end of the day, the vast majority don't care about Adler, don't notice this "lack of swing", and the tour has been very successful and very well received even with your personal complaints about it.
  4. You could have stopped at unreliable drunk/junkie, that's reason enough to not have your career, your tour and your money relying on him. But it's not yours so you don't care.
  5. Steven Adler live on Facebook

    He's been sober for 2 years for years now, he'll be fine.
  6. He said something like "we have to keep it moving though". It seemed like he wanted to get moving and wanted her to manage the situation with the fans and she wasn't, so he was frustrated with her, and she was frustrated being called out for her management.
  7. It seems like she wants him to hurry up, he wants to hurry up, he doesn't want to be a dick to the fans, so he wants her to move the situation along, and they're both getting frustrated with the situation.
  8. He's Axl Rose. He's not going to have a problem finding people to party with. He doesn't have a problem with Duff and Slash being on tour sober, I doubt it would bother him if Izzy was, and I doubt he'd want to party with Adler in the first place.
  9. Really? This is where we're at now? Adler and Izzy aren't around because Axl doesn't want too many sober people around? 1) Does Axl even party with the rest of the band? 2) He's Axl rose, he can find people to part with. 3) Of all Adler's flaws, "too sober" will never be one of them.
  10. He wrote a "GNR" album that both Axl and Duff rejected after Izzy left.
  11. Yes, good for Izzy for getting all that money he demanded but didn't care about because Izzy doesn't care about money and it's everyone but him that's greedy!
  12. Axl said it during a chat or interview. It came from Izzy. Basically he demanded a larger sum of money than Axl knew about.
  13. Why? Because Axl didn't want to go on until late? Junkies and alcoholics blaming someone else for being junkies and alcoholics. Imagine that. He "helped out" Axl for a pretty sum of money that Team Brazil had to hide from Axl because it may have upset him to know why Izzy was really appearing.
  14. Duff seems like a pretty honest guy, willing to take responsibility for his actions, in his book. But that sounded like a cop out to me. Getting drunk and high wasn't the only way they could kill time waiting on Axl. That was their choice.