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  1. So they're going to present the same well received show to Europe they've been playing everywhere else? Don't they know how boring that'll be for people that like the check the set lists of shows they weren't at afterwards?
  2. There's just this "them vs us" mentality when it comes to some fans vs the band. If it's not the line up it's the set list, if it's not the set list it's new music. We wanted something for Appetite, they're putting out a box set, now we're mad they're putting out a box set. We get fantasy scenarios in our head and convince ourselves that's what they're going to do or should do and when they don't we're mad at them again.
  3. "What you want isn't necessarily what can or should happen" and "You want information but if you don't like the information you get you're still mad" were two things he was trying to get across. Which seems fair.
  4. I felt like during his chat itself you could see exactly what he was venting about earlier. "Where's Izzy? Where's Adler? We want this! We want that! Why won't you give us this?"
  5. Awesome for @Fernando to do this. I don't have any questions, just wanted to say it's good to see GNR back and out there again. Obviously new music would be well received! Keep doing what you're doing!
  6. I've been trying to tell them that Fernando!
  7. See you can say all that about Axl to try to offend me but it doesn't. Axl is what he is. But he's also the lead singer of Guns N'Roses, who are coming off a hugely successful and lucrative reunion tour. I'm happy, the band seems happy, everything seems to be going well for Guns N'Roses right now. Meanwhile, Adler's travelling to wherever in the world he can sell tickets and his mother can sell books, pigging backing off of Guns N'Roses. So at the end of the day, we can compare their faults as much as we want, but one of them is signing for, and owns, Guns N'Roses, and the other is trying to keep his "career" afloat by reminding people that 30 years ago he was in Guns N'Roses.
  8. Maybe they had him rehearsing because if they didn't include him he'd run his mouth about everything they were planning? Because he does that. Maybe he was going to be more involved than he was, but he was never going to be the full time drummer that the tour was relying on. I still don't get how criticizing Axl makes Adler less of a fool. Realistically Adler doesn't mean anything in 2018. He's an obnoxious fool and a footnote. He's the answer to a trivia question that most people would guess "Matt Sorum" at.
  9. Well he's not entitled to equal "loot" so if that's why he's not there, that's fair too. But given what we know and have seen from Adler for the last 30 some years I don't think him being a fool is some made up story with no substance to it - there's plenty of substance. Almost an abuse of substance.
  10. But he's also an obnoxious liability who can't keep his mouth shut and isn't worth the trouble, so why bother? It's not fair to hold it against the current band that Adler's a fool and they didn't want to deal with him.
  11. Well you can't reasonably make the case Adler should be in Guns N'Roses in 2018 either but here you are.
  12. Oh I'm not trying to hide that I preference Axl Rose over Steven Adler. Like I said, one is a little more important to Guns N'Roses than the other. You can say anything you want about Axl and it all might be true - it doesn't change the fact I prefer him over Adler and you can't have GNR without him.
  13. I don't care what you say about Axl and I don't care if it's true. There's no GNR without him. If you don't understand how much bigger of a deal Axl Rose is than Steven Adler is I don't know what to tell you.
  14. One is also vastly more important to Guns N'Roses than the other. Actually only one them is even in Guns N'Roses so I don't know why we're comparing their faults in the first place.
  15. Criticizing Axl doesn't make Adler any less of an idiot. It's possible for Adler to be an idiot and Axl to be less than perfect at the same time. Just like it should be possible for Guns N'Roses to do what they're doing without the original drummer they kicked out 30 years ago desperately trying to attach himself to it.