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  1. I don't think it was going to be a pure AF5 at first because weren't Frank and Fortus at early rehearsals? But I think they would have been featured if it was just the warm up shows and Coachella. But then it became something much bigger and they didn't trust/come to terms with Izzy/Adler for that.
  2. Is that the recorded version of Crash Diet that was floating around during the Napster days?
  3. Who is the MVP of GNR?

    Duff. He's the first one of them to grow up and probably the most reasonable of them all. Being a friend to Axl and being a friend to Slash likely lead to getting Axl and Slash to meet.
  4. That's how I see it to. I think a lot of things were happening and changing fast. Like Axl's Jimmy Kimmel appearance to announce whatever he was going to announce that was cancelled - what he was originally there to announce might have changed. I think it's some version of reaching out to Izzy and Adler early on and then not wanting to/being able to work with them when it turned into something bigger.
  5. Didn't Axl say something about it originally just being Coachella and "we'll see" and when they were getting along they agreed to the tour and kept adding to it? That might explain why the band line up was so secretive for so long.
  6. If you want to do something online to get Izzy to play a show I suggest starting a gofundme.
  7. The future for Guns?

    If Axl can record with AC/DC than obviously he can still sing/record. That's always been my theory why he's hesitant to commit to new music and uses decades old vocal tracks. But maybe they enjoy hanging out and playing shows together more than writing together. They all have their other outlets to make music that shouldn't result in them fighting with each other, if that's still a possibility.
  8. My uneducated guess is that "sound check" is literally just that. They're doing it to check the sound so they roll through some easy songs and maybe throw in something they want a little extra practice on.
  9. I'm in Canada and the day it came out (It was a Sunday, right?) I went to Futureshop (our Best Buy, since bought out by Best Buy) and they had a display for it. No promotion leading up it it there was just a display up one day. It just appeared on the New Release section at Walmart. I THINK there may have been a quick TV spot but I was watching all the TV spots from the US online so I might be getting them confused. But yeah, if you weren't following it and knew it was coming it would have just appeared one day.
  10. Trump Using "Sweet Child O Mine" at Rally In Montana

    He probably doesn't know GNR doesn't like him. Or he knows and he'll just say they don't.
  11. The way he sings it live sounds in the ballpark of how he could sing it if he were in the studio.
  12. Are these worth tracking down? Axl vocals?
  13. Original AFD Artwork Debate

    I like it as the booklet artwork it was used for. Without getting into the "is it pro-rape" debate, it's just cheesy.
  14. More leaks? Are these new? I'll have to get searching.
  15. Why didn't they invite Steven to the concert?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But seriously, cool of Axl to go see Duff's daughter, probably means a lot to Duff.