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  1. Yes, I know, nobody can drum but Steven Adler. And it doesn't matter if he's a risk who could have derailed the entire reunion, if he's who you want there that's what they should have given you. Maybe there are some die hard fans who actually enjoyed the shows? Or are just happy to have what we have, considering what we didn't have the last 20 years? "Die hard" and "true fans" aren't decided by a criteria decided by you.
  2. But the shows are getting good reviews, so, what's the "quality" issue? Axl doesn't sound as good? The band doesn't sound as good? The setlist isn't changing enough? If the quality isn't what it used to be it might be because they're in their 50's. Regardless, I'm seeing a situation here where the band puts on a show and the majority of people have a good time and come away satisfied from that show and I'm not quite sure what the problem with that is.
  3. It's the fourth highest grossing tour of all time, the band seems to be having fun and the vast majority attending shows are enjoying themselves. It's been a success and the general attitude towards GNR is positive for once. The vast majority don't care who the drummer is and aren't bored with the setlist because they're not watching every show through Periscope. As for Izzy, it's not "talking shit" about him to suggest there are reasons he's not there that could be his own fault, his own choosing or at the very least not a simple "because Axl screwed him" scenario. I like Izzy. I'd prefer he be there but it's not a deal breaker for me. I can see why Izzy would be hesitant to sign up for 2 years of touring and I can see why they'd be hesitant to believe they could depend on Izzy for 2 years of touring.
  4. Pre-orders went up for Cover A, Cover B and Cover C but there were no pictures. It sounds like that's what Axl wanted but the record company didn't. Which makes sense, at that point they just wanted to get it out and every with. Weird it'd make it to pre-orders if that was the case though.
  5. That seems like the most realistic guess as to how it went down.
  6. But even that supports how Izzy's been portrayed - he'd do a one off show, because, why not? And he sees an album as them just throwing down basic tracks and getting it out. All in all the guy just comes off as someone who doesn't want to take it too seriously and doesn't want it to be too big and wants to do it all as long as it's fun for him at the time - which isn't at all a bad thing, it just may not be ideal if you want to do a 2 year world stadium tour.
  7. He's "unreliable" because almost 30 years ago he decided it wasn't for him and has liked to pick and chose his shots since. The way Izzy is described has been consistent and nobody says it in a negative way. It's just how he is. So I don't see why people insist on denying that he is how everyone close to him describes him as being.
  8. Except everything that's said about his personality, his history since leaving GNR, and Axl's take on him playing with GNR in 2006.
  9. And what's their behavior towards Izzy? What's been debunked? As far as the money goes, we're basically down to "well they should have given him an equal share because he wanted it". Which isn't in any way logical, so that's out. As far as being reliable, well, he had to play 23 shows with GNR in 2006 and apparently they didn't know if he'd show up, stay the whole show or remember the songs night to night, so, maybe they just didn't think he was up for a 2 year world tour? The whole point is that this isn't the big 3 dicking the other 2 for no good reason.
  10. Well he was off the wagon in 2013 and has been on and off it enough that I wouldn't have my multi-million dollar two year world tour relying on him either. And there's zero indication that a two year world tour was something Izzy would commit to.
  11. Well he tweeted that they didn't want to "split the loot equally", so doesn't that suggest he wanted equal "loot" to them? For whatever reason the big 3 seem to be keeping their opinions to themselves. Even Axl's answer about Izzy was pretty much a non-answer. Because of that, it's not surprising they wouldn't run right to the internet or the media to dispute a tweet the majority of people didn't see or know existed. And what are the big 3's "behavior" the past 2 years? Because this entire thing seems to be going very well and being met with great response by the vast majority. You can say it sarcastically all you want but Alder being an obnoxious, unreliable drug addict and Izzy being a free spirit who doesn't like to be tied down to commitments actually is the truth.
  12. I don't hate Izzy at all. But that whole attitude GNR fans have where what they want to happen is what rightfully should be happening and if it's not happening that way someone is fucking someone somehow presents itself in this situation. If he wanted "equal loot", he's wrong. If he just wasn't up for a 2 year world tour commitment, that's not surprising based on what basically everyone who knows the guy says about him.
  13. I didn't say Steven can't play, I said he was an obnoxious drug addict who wasn't worth the risk. The "truth" is really just being realistic. You don't have a two year world tour that HAS to go smoothly relying on a guy who might go off on a bender or who's personality might piss everyone off and/or a guy who might get bored with it 6 months in and want out.