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When did you start viewing Guns N' Roses forums?


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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

The forums must have been around 2004-2005 somewhere. I didn't really read much though, my English was really terrible back then.

I was a member of a Swedish community called "Lunarstorm" in the early 2000's and they had a discussion section that had a GNR section, where I was an active member. This must have been in 2002 or something.

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Started reading mygnr as a website in 1999/2000. This is pre-forum. Was it already messageboard-times then?

Started lurking the pre-forum messageboard around 2001/2002 as well. Exciting times!

I registered at mygnr on January 8 2004 under this username.

I suppose my favorite (and thus most active) period on mygnr was roughly from 2005 to late 2007.

It was a LEGEN-wait-for-it-DARY time. Met some really amazing people on here around that time, some of whom I've met in the flesh since and whom I still consider very good friends. ^_^

Had my account deleted somewhere in August 2011, but came back under the same screenname 2 months later. Serious lack of a spine on my part there. <_<

And here we are, 12,5 years (8,5 of which as a forum member) years later. -_-

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I would come to mygnr for news since 99-00. Started looking at the forum... shit! I don't recall. I know it took me several years to finally post. I started posting around the Hammerstein shows. Which nobody wanted to give me the password. :thumbsdown::anger:. They all thought I was a scalper <_< . Luckily I managed to get some through ticketmaster.

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I started out reading HTGTH and this forum in late 05 and eventually joined this place in 06, at that time I wanted every bit of information about Chinese Democracy I could possibly scrap up.

I signed up at HTGTH but got bored of it pretty fast.

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I joined mygnronline in '98 or '99 before Axl himself had it shut down.

Then I joined here in '03 as axlaxlaxl55 . then I joined as Cody lambert I think? both names got banned. then I joined as Thomasmeadowmboss and I think i asked madison to remove the mboss from my name.

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