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Best Punk Bands?

Haters Gonna Hate

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Guest Len B'stard

Or The New York Dolls come to that.

True enough.

All would have embraced rock stardom quite readily and willingly.

Influential on the punk movement no doubt,as were the Alice Cooper group.

Yeah, definitely. The Dolls did actively seek it and Iggy well, fuckin' hell, Iggy made no bones about it and never has "i'm only doing this to get my picture in more papers, my name is more print and to expand my fame" i believe is what he said, i'm not sure what TV show it was on, that french one where he came on looking like some kind of assexual mime :lol: In fact, i think i'm wrong, i think it was an interview with Tony Wilson in England around the time of The Idiot.

There you go, from 43 seconds onwards. You can tell he REALLY thought about it before he said "expand my fame", bless him.

And The Pistols too, they actively sought to get out there and in peoples faces, if not quite rockstars or money and mansions. I suppose thats why The Pistols don't apply as an example, they wanted it all but it appears they did so with the desire to subvert it all and show it up for what it is.

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A Dutch punk band called "Heideroosjes".

They've been active from 1989 and they're retiring this year. Truly one of the very best live bands I've ever seen in my life. And I've seen a lot. Amazing songs. Went from 16yo puberty punk to a well-respected punk band with great songs and lyrics.

From international acts I'd say the Ramones and The Clash.

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