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June 7, Las Vegas, NV - No Trickery! (Final Show of Residency)


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Don't let it bring you down!! Jk. I'm definitely happy to see a set with twat yesterday's civil war and estranged. Actually the effort Axl puts into prostitute I am quite enjoying that too. It would be amazing to hear a brand new song but I'm not going to get my hopes up. Could this be where perfect crime comes in? Great opener with Axl being fresh :-) follow it up w a band jam to give him some breath and it would be perfect

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Back by popular demand.

OK, Axl. You're on fire. Everyone loves you. I've basically become volcano. So maybe one more rarely played UYI song? Maybe OMG too? Pretty please?

If Ron really leaves, then probably they pull OMG off. Maybe Rhiad

Very slim chance for Perfect Crime

I type this because the last show proves that they can "easily" pull off anything from those fucking setlists, lol

Perfect crime mentioned by Ron some months ago as what he would like to play if he could pick one special song. Axl likes that song too

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You already started a thread? Damn, I won't be able to keep up.

I just hope Street Of Dreams return cuz it's one of my favorites. Shackler's would be awesome too. Come on, what better place than The Joint to pull out Shackler's??? You've got the disco environment set up :Pi

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Nice! Very excite!!

I know it ain't gonna happen but how about The General, Seven or Thyme?

My favorite moment from the stream of last night:

"The General"

"Who said that?...yeah, what he said!"

LMAO. I missed that. Where was it? :P

I feel like it was in the middle, perhaps towards the end. People were just running out of requests because Yesterdays, Prostitute, and TWAT had been played. lol (or at least I thought that's where that comment was in the show).

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