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Renee Zellweger Is Now Unrecognizable


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Sans make-up - in her prime!

She was never attractive though.

But she was the bomb in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!!

she was hot in Empire Records

For about a decade that was one of my ten favorite movies to watch for some reason.

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She's clearly had her hooded eyes done, I know they were a bit of a trademark look for her but in severe cases (and hers probably were) they can affect your eyesight as you age. I think she might have some kind of medical condition possibly as her hairline and eyebrows look really sparse compared to a few years back.

Hopefully she is okay but massive difference. I've got quite hooded eyes and always fancied having them altered. Not so sure now.

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Holy christing shit bananas, quite a transition... I thought she was quite pretty as her old natural self... she looks fucking hideous like that, and she's not kidding anyone.

It's obvious Lana Del Rey had a few things done, she at least retains a lot of her original self and it has not affected her vocal talents, not exactly harmed her marketability though. Will Zellweger ever pull another expression again lol?

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She doesn't have the round face, no freckles, and an eyelift. Her last film was 5 years ago (maybe for health reasons, maybe because she just wanted a break) and she just finished a movie with Keanu Reeves based on a Baldacci book.

When she has the shades on she still looks the same.


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As much as I do my best to avoid celebrity news, you just couldn't avoid this on the Internet today. Such a shame that she felt the need to do this; she is completely unrecognizable.

I think she should have spoken to this woman prior to her operations:


Anyway, my buddy has a funny story about Renee Zellweger. About 12 years ago he was an extra on some film they were shooting in Toronto. Not being a shy individual, my buddy chatted her up between shoots and eventually asked her out on a date (he's 23 at the time, she's 33). He knows he's going to get shot down (he did), but figured what's the harm. Fast forward two years later, and he and his then current girlfriend find themselves sitting besides Renee at a Strokes concert in Toronto (who I think was seeing someone in the band at the time). My buddy's girlfriend then reminds Renee of the time my friend tried to picked her up; both girls laughed about it, and the three of them ended up going backstage after the concert.

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