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Axl Rose and Mickey Rourke’s wedding anniversary

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Not funny at all: classless and poor taste to make fun of someone’s appearance. 

Clearly not a bad photo of Axl, but how would you feel if that was you, your brother, father, son, etc? 

Hate how childish humor such as this has become more socially acceptable 

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Funny how people poke fun at Axl for being a little more downearth and less diva, also showing in his appereance. Isn't that what people where bitching about for decades, to cut the diva suff? Now that he did, is on time and kinda "normal" (compared to Axl Rose standards) they poke fun at just that. Fuck them.

Great to see my one of my fav actors and one of my fav musicians hanging out with each other. Isn't Mickey a fan? SCOM was featured in his movie "The Wrestler", beautiful scene, powerful film.

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