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**FAKE** GNR 2019 Leak? Found on Youtube


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I don't have a good enough handle on Axl's vocals to know if that's authentic or a really good impersonation.  I'm sure there's a number of people out there that can emulate the sound of his voice and I'm sure some are fans.  With creativity, I'm sure some fans have made some convincing "GN'R  fan songs".  A type of fan-art.  If you will

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I'd say it has some of the higher pitched characteristics in the midtones while his UYI voice was pure gravel. I'm still willing to believe this might be him. And I actually like the melody. Someone better rip this from YT just in case. 😂🎶

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Just now, TimeToDieee said:

The account has a few other uploads, and at least one of them is a song by Stephen Chesney/Chad Atkins, I think the title was "Vehicular Blues" or something similar.

Actually, here's a link:


Okay, didn't look any further. After a few minutes of doubt: same guy, so it's a (convincing) fake. 😭

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10 hours ago, billy rose bailey said:

The guy uploaded leave me alone with axl and Izzy sounds legit maybe the other uploads are take but this is look for a 41 second clip on his channel

Lol, no. 

14 hours ago, janrichmond said:

This is the guy, he used to post here.

Thanks for finding that Jan. We'll go ahead and close this :)

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