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GNR Music Videos Ranked by Number of Times Watched

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Saw on Twitter someone asking what movies people are confident they have seen at least ten times.

Made me wonder what GNR videos I’ve watched the most.

So wondering what ten GNR videos people have watched the most.  This is not a list of your favourite videos, but the ones you think you’ve seen more than others.

Here are mine:

1. November Rain

2. Estranged

3. Paradise City

4. Don’t Cry

5. Welcome to the Jungle

6. Yesterdays

7. Sweet Child

8. Since I Don’t Have You

9. Dead Horse

10. You Could Be Mine

My favourite use to be November Rain, but Yesterdays is probably my favourite these days. 

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Paradise City 
Sweet Child O’ Mine 
Don’t Cry 
November Rain 
Dead Horse 

Bootleg shows:
Argentina 93 
Rio 91 Night 2 
Saskatoon 93 
Farm Aid 90
Noblesville 91
Rosemont 92 
+ Tokyo 92 and the FM Tribute 92

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1. November Rain

2. Paradise City

3. Sweet Child O'Mine

4. Patience

5. Don't Cry

6. Estranged

7. Welcome to the Jungle


For the live stuff I watch Live At the Ritz, Tokyo 92, and Freddie Mercury Tribute show - those are the ones I watch the most

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2. Paradise City


4. Estranged

5. November Rain

The above I've watched a fair few times, the rest occasionally so not sure how to rank them.

I don't watch GNR (or any) music videos that much, I listen to the songs/albums more. SCOM is perhaps the exception - watching it in video form enhances the experience but for the rest it doesn't make a difference to me.

ETA: I'm surprised SCOM is so low down in the official top ten. 

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No idea how many times I've seen them so I'll rank them by what I think is best:

1. You Could Be Mine

2. Estranged

3. Welcome To The Jungle

4. November Rain

5. Don't Cry

6. The Garden

7. Patience

8. Paradise City

9. It's So Easy

10. Since I Don't Have You

11. Garden of Eden

12. Sweet Child O'Mine

13. Yesterdays

14. Dead Horse

15. Live and Let Die

16. Sweet Child O'Mine(Alternate Version)

17. Move to the City

18. Shadow of Your Love

19. Bad Apples

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Haven't watched a GN'R video from start to finish in forever. But I had Welcome To The Videos on VHS back in the day and I watched that tape non stop. The first show I had on VHS was Paris 1992, I watched that concert a 1000 times. Same with Tokyo 1992 and Ritz 1988.

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