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  1. Member picture thread

    Haha! What does the IGMC stand for?
  2. Member picture thread

    Growing my hair out...
  3. FYE selling GNR Bootlegs

    Here's the back of the Deer Creek set at FYE.
  4. FYE selling GNR Bootlegs

    I picked up the Deer Creek show last night. I'll take a pic when I get home. I think that since the shows are radio broadcasts for the most part that they're in some sort of legal "grey area" somehow. That said, I've seen these at two different FYEs now. They're also selling CD - Best Buy sticker and all.
  5. I want that remix! Hopefully it's on the soundtrack!
  6. They have about 4 or 5 different ones... Deer Creek '91 Pasadena '87 CBGB '87 Tokyo '88 Ritz '88 And what looks like an edited and incomplete UYI show. Not sure how they're getting away with it, but they have a ton of Aerosmith bootlegs now as well.
  7. Love the Stones. Will boy on release day. That is all.
  8. Has Nirvana Aged Poorly?

  9. Has Nirvana Aged Poorly?

    They're still the most overrated band of all time and most likely always will be.
  10. Ghosts / Haunting Experiences

    I'm fairly convinced that my apartment building is haunted.
  11. Speak for yourself. Not for me or anyone else.
  12. 2016 National Football League (NFL) Offseason

    Dak Prescott is the future in Dallas. The dude is an absolute stud. That said, their defense is still an absolute dumpster fire. I have a feeling that they're going to be involved in shootouts every week until the suspensions are over and done with.
  13. Do you think the setlist will see an overhaul for SA dates?

    Your critiques of Axl's voice are ridiculous, and I can't even begin to take you seriously. You're either the world's greatest t-r-o-l-l, or seriously delusional with a level of perfection that no human being can possibly begin to attain.
  14. Do you think the setlist will see an overhaul for SA dates?

    Can we please ban this t-r-o-l-l?
  15. When a guy friend falls in love with you.......

    I was in a somewhat similar situation two years ago. A female friend of mine and I went out as friends when she came home from college over the Summer. We went out for ice cream and then to a park to just talk and catch up. Long story short, one thing came to another and we ended up kissing before the night was over. Keep in mind that she had (and still has the same) boyfriend. It was already a sticky situation from the start. Our talks became more and more flirtatious, and it was inevitable from that point - we ended up "getting together" a few times. In the end, she realized that she didn't want to / couldn't leave her boyfriend, so we never ended up together, and that just absolutely devastated me. I knew that we were both crazy about each other, but it just wasn't meant to be. On the flip side of it, we're still close friends to this day. So, at least we can be adults about it and realize that we're at least a good fit for each other as friends. Some of you who remember my meltdown on here from a few years back - this situation was basically the catalyst for back. My mind was messed up for a long time in the aftermath of it.