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  1. So did I
  2. My girlfriend thinks that I'm nuts with all of the hair products that I own. She's probably not wrong.
  3. Being that Axl has an account on here, I'd say that there's a chance.
  4. And here's to many more, @Dexter!
  5. That I am! I couldn't possibly care less about Sturgill. His last album wasn't exactly a country from what I understand
  6. I listened to the "Traveler" album on a road trip to Nashville, and outside of maybe 3 or 4 songs, I just really didn't like the album. Too slow. Too depressing. Not my thing. That said, I've seen Chris sing at the Ryman a few times and that's a transcendent experience. There's really not a better voice in the business than his, I just wish that he had some material that was more suited to my tastes.
  7. Love his voice, don't like his material.
  8. Music Row = mainstream country. I love and will always respect Alan and George for sticking to their guns and never changing their sound for anyone or anything. Met Alan twice and saw Strait play an acoustic set at the Ryman a few years ago - THAT was a surreal experience.
  9. I grew up on Garth, Shania, and Brooks & Dunn. I shouldn't say that I hate old country, as I said, I love Johnny Cash, and assorted songs from that era, I just don't have a connection with it. I can't stand the "my woman left me, so now I'm drinking my pain away" kind of songs that dominate that era of country. Country has evolved in to what it is today, and I doubt that it's ever going to go back to what it was. There are SOME traditionalists starting to break through: Chris Stapleton (even though I think that he's insanely overrated), Jon Pardi, Chris Janson, and William Michael Morgan are others.
  10. Great song, but I know a lot of people that work on Music Row, and they're hardly the enemies. Hard working people like anyone else.
  11. You'd probably enjoy the album that he did with the Ranch back in 1997. Well worth checking out if you dug that song.
  12. I will say that, for what it's worth, Keith used to have a much more country sound than he does these days:
  13. Y'all need to realize that I don't care much for traditional country as it was. Sure, I love Johnny Cash and George Strait, but I'm more more interesting in everything from the class of '89 forward. Guys like Keith Urban and Frankie Ballard I admire for their guitar playing as much as their singing and songwriting. I don't mind pop in my country, and I'm MUCH more interested in what's going on today.