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  1. lmao so at least you aren't falling back to "my 1st amendment rights are being violated"
  2. lmao this is hilarious and if you don't see any humor in it you're mad stuck up
  3. Rolling Stones Eternal Touring Thread

    Got ATL LDs today, let's roll.
  4. RATM are back

    hahahaha oh my god RTJ too? fuck yeah
  5. idk exactly when or why it was, but it switched to friday because that's when billboard now starts their week for counting sales. there's no rule against dropping a song or album any other day, but if you released a song, say, wednesday at midnight, its first week sales would only count for that day and the next. obviously the music industry is still driven by sales and there's a lot of prestige/$$ in maximizing your first week number, so naturally things shifted to friday.
  6. Your Top 5 Albums Of The Year

    Hip-hop: Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Bandana Danny Brown - uknowhatimsayin¿ Westside Gunn - Hitler Wears Hermes 7 Injury Reserve - s/t Denzel Curry - Zuu Non: King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Infest The Rats' Nest Mdou Moctar - Ilana (The Creator) Black Midi - Schlagenheim Sturgill Simpson - Sound & Fury Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - Watchmen Volume 1
  7. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast World Tour 2018-2020

    hell yeah it is brother!!
  8. hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah
  9. Why The Ashba Hate?

    have we come so far that the pendulum has come back around on ashba? oh hell yeah
  10. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast World Tour 2018-2020

    me rn about my first maiden show since 2008 tomorrow: