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  1. New Wu Tang

  2. Your concerts in 2017

    Yearly bragging post of shows thus far: 1/13 - Sunsquabi - Atlanta, GA 1/21 - Run The Jewels - Atlanta, GA 2/10 - Manic Focus - Atlanta, GA 2/11 - Run The Jewels - Denver, CO 3/8 - Vince Staples - Atlanta, GA 3/10-3/11 - Buku Festival - New Orleans, LA 3/13 - FKJ - Atlanta, GA 4/22-4/23 - Coachella Festival - Indio Valley, CA 5/11 - FIDLAR - Atlanta, GA 5/23 - Primus - Birmingham, AL 5/25 - Maxo Kream - Boston, MA 5/26-5/28 - Boston Calling - Boston, MA 6/6 - Freddie Gibbs - Atlanta, GA 6/8 - Injury Reserve - Atlanta, GA 6/24 - Dispatch - Atlanta, GA 7/28-7/30 - Panorama Festival - Randalls Island, NYC 8/1 - DJ Shadow - Atlanta, GA 8/19 - Earth, Wind, & Fire - Alpharetta, GA 9/20 - BadBadNotGood Upcoming shows: 10/19 - The Underachievers/Injury Reserve - Atlanta, GA 10/28-10/30 - Hulaween Festival - Live Oak, FL 11/2 - Flying Lotus - Atlanta, GA 11/2 - Rezz - Atlanta, GA 11/3 - 311 - Athens, GA 11/9 - Primus - Atlanta, GA 11/10 - Griz - Atlanta, GA There are a couple of upcoming ones that I don't have tickets for yet, but will probably go to the majority of all in the fine city of ATL: Afropunk Festival, LCD Soundsystem, Benjamin Booker, and Kamasi Washington.
  3. Tom Petty Pronounced Dead

    Oh come on, man
  4. I mean, it at least sounds like he's trying during Michelle. edit: but then again, after hearing the bridge, it probably also sounds like i'm trying in my car when i sing this
  5. I double posted - i'm a kinda drunk dumbass
  6. Sure. It's awesome that's happening. But essentially everyone who gives enough of a shit to be tuning into this on a Saturday night saw a show last year or earlier this year Axl sounded infinitely better. I don't go out of my way to talk shit. This is bad. Let's be real.
  7. you're gonna have to cut some slack to those who still read this place but haven't bothered to watch streams of 50 shows on the same tour.
  8. Bad news my g. Pour a glass of whiskey and watch the latest Maiden release and you'll be happier. This is me saying this after 5 minutes.
  9. Look through my posting history and you will find very little being critical of Axl. Honestly, I haven't even cared enough to post on D&N on a regular basis in the last ~7 years or so. The shows I saw last year were great. I had incredible amounts of fun at the two I went to. But my god, why on earth does he sounds this bad on every fucking live stream ever? It's uncanny. Come on dude.
  10. sup y'all - i am inebriated and really don't want to read 45 pages. what is the easiest way i can watch this?
  11. I love this print but that may be too good to pass up / Thanks for the advice!
  12. Moral of the story I never told, I need some cash. Realistically, how much could I get from unloading a Nashville litho in near-mint (if not mint) condition?
  13. New Wu Tang

    Still nothing to fuck with. Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in.
  14. Yo Powerage, why isn't AMOLAD on Spotify? Is there something wonky with the label on that one? EDIT: FUCK YEAH IT'S BACK AFTER A LONG ASS TIME NEVERMIND