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  1. Your concerts in 2018

    Sooooooooo far: 2/9 - The White Buffalo 2/10 - Tyler the Creator & Vince Staples 3/2 - Gramatik 3/7 - Injury Reserve 4/6 - Big K.R.I.T. 5/4-5/6 - Shaky Knees Festival (Jack White, Queens of the Stone Age, The National, David Byrne, a bunch more) 5/10 - Alice in Chains 6/4 - Pond Probably doing Bonnaroo too. A good start.
  2. Josh Homme kicks photographer in the face during show

    Plus he's on the best supergroup album of the 2000s, if not ever.
  3. Favourite Albums of 2017 Thread

    Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. Jay-Z - 4:44 Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy Wiki - No Mountains in Manhattan
  4. RIP Malcolm Young

    Man, this one has taken me a few days to process and I'm not sure if I quite have yet. As others have said, AC/DC was the gateway drug to the rest of music for me. It's not far-fetched to say that I wouldn't be nearly the person I am if it hadn't been for AC/DC kicking off an absolute obsession with music. Even though they're not a band I listen to a lot now, every now and again I'd put some on and it would be as amazing as it was the first time I listened to them. Malcolm was a big part of that. Sometimes I'd (and still do) go listen to Jailbreak, High Voltage, and Let There Be Rock from AC/DC Live just to hear Malcolm's rhythm guitar during the extended solos. I don't know what caused it, but my appreciation of Malcolm's role in the band has absolutely increased in recent years. Younger me was drawn to Angus's leads and now, later in life, I find I'm listening more to the background - what's constructing the song in the first place. Angus's statement was perfect. I can't imagine what he's going through right now with both George and Malcolm. Reading his words regarding Malcolm end with "job well done" is heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. That's what AC/DC always has been and always will be about - going to work and getting the job done. Rest in peace.
  5. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast European Tour 2018

    And you're sitting here expecting me to actually read what was linked? You know better.
  6. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast European Tour 2018

    Is there gonna be a US leg announced, even if that's 2019?
  7. New Wu Tang

  8. Your concerts in 2017

    Yearly bragging post of shows thus far: 1/13 - Sunsquabi - Atlanta, GA 1/21 - Run The Jewels - Atlanta, GA 2/10 - Manic Focus - Atlanta, GA 2/11 - Run The Jewels - Denver, CO 3/8 - Vince Staples - Atlanta, GA 3/10-3/11 - Buku Festival - New Orleans, LA 3/13 - FKJ - Atlanta, GA 4/22-4/23 - Coachella Festival - Indio Valley, CA 5/11 - FIDLAR - Atlanta, GA 5/23 - Primus - Birmingham, AL 5/25 - Maxo Kream - Boston, MA 5/26-5/28 - Boston Calling - Boston, MA 6/6 - Freddie Gibbs - Atlanta, GA 6/8 - Injury Reserve - Atlanta, GA 6/24 - Dispatch - Atlanta, GA 7/28-7/30 - Panorama Festival - Randalls Island, NYC 8/1 - DJ Shadow - Atlanta, GA 8/19 - Earth, Wind, & Fire - Alpharetta, GA 9/20 - BadBadNotGood Upcoming shows: 10/19 - The Underachievers/Injury Reserve - Atlanta, GA 10/28-10/30 - Hulaween Festival - Live Oak, FL 11/2 - Flying Lotus - Atlanta, GA 11/2 - Rezz - Atlanta, GA 11/3 - 311 - Athens, GA 11/9 - Primus - Atlanta, GA 11/10 - Griz - Atlanta, GA There are a couple of upcoming ones that I don't have tickets for yet, but will probably go to the majority of all in the fine city of ATL: Afropunk Festival, LCD Soundsystem, Benjamin Booker, and Kamasi Washington.
  9. Tom Petty Pronounced Dead

    Oh come on, man
  10. I mean, it at least sounds like he's trying during Michelle. edit: but then again, after hearing the bridge, it probably also sounds like i'm trying in my car when i sing this
  11. I double posted - i'm a kinda drunk dumbass
  12. Sure. It's awesome that's happening. But essentially everyone who gives enough of a shit to be tuning into this on a Saturday night saw a show last year or earlier this year Axl sounded infinitely better. I don't go out of my way to talk shit. This is bad. Let's be real.
  13. you're gonna have to cut some slack to those who still read this place but haven't bothered to watch streams of 50 shows on the same tour.
  14. Bad news my g. Pour a glass of whiskey and watch the latest Maiden release and you'll be happier. This is me saying this after 5 minutes.
  15. Look through my posting history and you will find very little being critical of Axl. Honestly, I haven't even cared enough to post on D&N on a regular basis in the last ~7 years or so. The shows I saw last year were great. I had incredible amounts of fun at the two I went to. But my god, why on earth does he sounds this bad on every fucking live stream ever? It's uncanny. Come on dude.